Off-Road vs. On-Road Diesel and It's Use with Future Tier 4 Tractors
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Thread: Off-Road vs. On-Road Diesel and It's Use with Future Tier 4 Tractors

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    Off-Road vs. On-Road Diesel and It's Use with Future Tier 4 Tractors

    OK guys and gals...need to look to the GTT brain trust still again to de-fog my brain.

    First...Off-Road vs. On-Road diesels have been discussed in previous threads...and there were a lot of tangential discussions. If my memory serves me, and I am able to separate the wheat from the chaff, my take away from that thread on the pertinent differences between the two relative to this thread, was that Off-Road has the red die for identification, and the On-Road is taxed greater. Both are "ultra-low sulfur"...and the same otherwise.

    Second...I am also of the understanding based on second-hand discussions with another dealer, that Tier 4 tractors starting in 2015 will not be able to use Off-Road diesel.

    Sooooo, if first point and second point are correct, then why can't off-road diesel be used in Tier 4 tractors in 2015 and beyond???

    I am either missing something...or one of my two understanding above are NOT correct. Please straighten me out...anxiously standing by!

    Mike...the Griz
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    I'm so confused, "GREEN" versus "RED"

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    Some people have stated that they think they can buy off road diesel in the 500ppm (LSD) of sulfur version. We have 2 large off road tanks on our farm and have only been able to purchase ULSD or 15ppm sulfur diesel since 2007. I think that the person telling you you cannot use off road diesel feels that it is LSD not ULSD, but I believe he is falsely telling you this.

    Your tier 4 motor should run ULSD only. Fact is that you can get that in a taxed (road) and untaxed (off road) version right now.

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