Deere 2305 front tire to remove?
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Thread: Deere 2305 front tire to remove?

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    Deere 2305 front tire to remove?

    I have a left front flat on my 2305. I need to get it fixed, so I've got the tractor up on blocks and I've removed the 5 lug bolts. The rim is still rock solid as though the bolts were still there in place. I do not see any info in the manual about how to take a wheel off. Any advice/help is greatly appreciated.

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    Penetrating oil may help. Use a sledge hammer, hitting only the rubber of the tire (don't want to dent your rim) - wedge a long prybar between the rim and the casting for the front axle, where ever you can get a good leverage point and pop it off - reinstall lugnuts all but about 3 or 4 threads and drive in circles until it loosens up. Once off, clean the rust and corrosion off with a wire brush or grinder, repaint and lubricate with never-seize.
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    Whenever I have a stuck wheel I reach for one of the stopping sticks. They are 3-4 ft worth of 4x4 treated lumber. One solid whack usually knocks it free. Just be sure to swing it so the only thing you can hit is sidewall.

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    Yeah it just rusted/corroded onto the hub, be aggressive with it...knock it around a little, show it who's boss

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