Best cab for summer conversion/backhoe
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Thread: Best cab for summer conversion/backhoe

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    Best cab for summer conversion/backhoe

    Hi guys, what cabs for 1025R are the easiest to convert for summer use (ie complete removal of glass OR entire unit)?

    What does backhoe compatible mean? Does that mean the backhoe can be on? Or does it mean the operator can be sheltered while operating the backhoe?

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    Quote Originally Posted by jermedic View Post
    Hi guys, what cabs for 1025R are the easiest to convert for summer use (ie complete removal of glass OR entire unit)?

    What does backhoe compatible mean? Does that mean the backhoe can be on? Or does it mean the operator can be sheltered while operating the backhoe?
    I have had a Tektite BH compatible for a couple years now. In Summer I remove the glass doors and rear window. Takes about 10 minutes total. With this glass removed the cab is very open and is more like a sunshield that a cab. The operator is only partially covered when using backhoe.

    "Backhoe compatible" means that you can operate the backhoe with the cab installed and the tear window removed.

    Besides the cab serving as a sunshade, the optional defrost fan in the upper corner can be used as a very efficient cooling fan for the operator when using either tractor or backhoe.
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    I'm going to assume you're referring to a hard side cab. First, you need to decide if you're going to remove it completely or just the doors in the summer. If you're going to remove it, you'll need some method to lift it on/off. Pretty much all the hard side cabs are going to tip the scale at somewhere around 400 pounds. While removing the doors helps, in my opinion they're still too heavy and cumbersome to lift on with several guys. However, someone posted they did so with six guys. It doesn't take anything fancy. I utilize a sling strap I sourced from supporting member/site administrator Kenny at Bolt-On-Hooks along with a come-along.

    As fishbait mentioned, the front & rear glass can be removed with the Tektite and I believe the same applies to the Curtis or they can be opened. The front & rear glass is hinged at the top and they open on the Mauser. The Mauser is not backhoe compatible and even with the backhoe removed, it's front mounts are obstructed by the backhoe supplemental frame. I'm speaking from experience. The rear glass on the Cozy is fixed. The front glass will open about an inch on the bottom and is not removable. The doors do lift off on the Cozy.

    Leaving the cab on in the summer does come with some issues. A few have reported incidents of glass breakage from backing into things with the doors open, loader hitting the glass and so forth. As my bride took out four ROPS mounted tail/flasher lamps last summer on tree limbs while mowing, I have visions of shattered glass and bent up cab pillars if I were to attempt to leave the cab in place. So for me, removing the cab is mandatory.

    For the first cab, I went with the Cozy. After the first install, I estimated it would be a 1 to 2 hour job to remove/install the cab. Albeit, the initial install is a bit time consuming and added costs setting up the wiring with weather tight quick disconnects, the heater hose quick disconnects and other fine points of the install to simplify removal/installation.

    I really liked some of the features of the Mauser, such as the overhead heater and sound deadening insulation. So I had purchased and began to install the Mauser on my backhoe 1025R, even though it was going to be far more complicated to remove/install with the sound deadening insulation and the ROPS (has to be removed to install the Mauser). However, the Mauser's front mounts are obstructed by the backhoe supplemental frame. Removing/installing the supplemental frame with the cab just added too much. So I ended up going with another Cozy. Hind sight being 20-20, it was probably a better choice than the Mauser as the removal/install time with the Mauser would have at least doubled, if not tripled.

    They are all priced fairly close together. The freight can be an offsetting factor that came into play for me. The Mauser is inventoried and distributed through Deere's parts network, so there is no freight charges. Also, many of the items that are optional on the other cabs, such as the heater and exterior mirrors, are standard on the Mauser. I drive past the Cozy plant when traveling between homes, so I just took delivery at their plant and had no freight charges. I was giving strong consideration to the Tektite, but it came in at $1000 more than the Cozy. I would attribute most of that difference to freight.
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    I was very torn about this because I felt that I needed to remove my cab for the summer. After my first winter with the Curtis cab, my tractor sat in the garage while I tried to figure out a hoist to remove the cab. One day I really needed to use the tractor and it was already warm out so I took off the rear door and the side doors and carried them to the basement for safe storage. That went so quickly that I decided to take off the windshield too. Two large phillips machine screws at the top and one terminal plug for the wiper. Remove the clip for each gas shock side support and off it came. While one person can do this alone, it's safest to have an extra helper. My wife is what you'd call petite and she was able to help me reinstall the windshield a couple weeks ago for winter.

    I actually like the cab on all year now. You give up just a little bit of view towards the lower front but I found that I can stand up and support myself with the cab frame while I do critical manoeuvres with the bucket or forks. It's nice to have the shade and my LED lights on the cab front help when I'm working after dark. The fan is nice too when it's hot out. I'll add a couple photos with the open cab.
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