755 leaking seal brake linkage?
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Thread: 755 leaking seal brake linkage?

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    755 leaking seal brake linkage?

    Just picked up an 89 755. It seems to be leaking fluid from the shaft that the outside brake pedal linkage attaches to on the rear axle housing. My question is , is there a seal or o-ring that can be replaced, and is it an easy fix, or would the housing need to be opened to replace said seal or o ring? Ive looked at the schematics and looks like there is an o ring on the shaft, but I was unsure if that o ring being bad would be the cause of the leak. Heres some pics. I believe the o ring is number 18, the shaft that is leakung is where part 14 mounts to. Is there anything else that would cause the leakage from that shaft? Going to order parts, hust want to make sure I have what I need before I tear into it. Thanks for any help!
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