1025r Throttle cable.
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Thread: 1025r Throttle cable.

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    1025r Throttle cable.

    Hello everyone. Been a member here since I bought my 1025r in October of 2016. I have taken advantage of all the great posts, ideas, and reviews on this great community and I would like to say a very grateful Thank You to all! I did my 50 hour service (with 65hours on the clock) this past week and have gone over the tractor. I found a small problem with the way the throttle cable is routed and it is a design flaw that I believe pertains to other tractors than my own. The cable is run behind the fuel filter/shut off and is routed thru a holder. I did not take a photo of the abrasions before I fixed the problem and I am sorry for that. The cable was being gouged by the holder on both sides. Very easy to fix. Just remove the bolt holding the fuel filter on. The only thing you need to be careful of is the "barrel nut" so you don't drop it. Take the cable guide off and wrap something around the throttle cable to protect it and then reassemble. I used a heavy cable wrap that one would use on a vehicle wiring harness or similar project. I figured everyone could do a quick visual inspection on their own machines to verify if they have a similar problem. I also bent/aligned the guide to follow the path of the throttle cable better. I am sure there may be better ways to fix it or even possibly take it the dealer but that would be a big ordeal for me and the cable was not damaged enough to warrant a replacement. Hope this helps someone.[ATTACH=CONFIG]574337
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