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All set and things sound good enough. Doubt I'll be doing a speaker upgrade soon. One can absolutely listen to podcasts above 2,500 RPM. Can't comment on a higher RPM or with the mower going because I just did the install and then had to run.

I bought an open-box Pioneer bluetooth single din head unit at Best Buy and used this adapter to make the connections: Scosche VW01B Connector. Just as simple as putting it in a car

Grabbed the exact same setup for the 4066R.

I'll make a video to show the sound quality at some point. Might even do a comparison between the big 4R and little 1R....although I'm pretty sure of which one is going to win that battle.
I did a sound reading for noise volume inside my cab and outside the tractor as it seems to be louder inside the cab that outside the cab. NOPE. Identical noise levels with a reading in decibels......88 decibels at idle.

Personally, I prefer to listen to my tractors sound system through my blue tooth headset. Not only does it block out 90% of the noise volume, I don't have to have the volume so high to hear it well.......I plug the IPod Classic into it as I have about 600 of my favorites on it, which is what I listen to 90% of the time.

The other issue I found was when I am out plowing snow at 3 am in neighbors driveways, they might not be as enthusiastic for my Guns and Roses at that hour, so the headset also eliminates that concern.

It's pretty cool to get out of the tractor and have the headset continuing the music when I am shoveling the steps or getting the snow melt material ready for spreading.

There is a "resonating" sound which bothers my hearing without the head set on. So, every time I operate my tractor, I wear that headset....I hang it on the steering wheel in the cab when I am not wearing it. I even have special pair of gloves I like to wear when working with the tractor and those are put on the seat each time I am done with the tractor.

Glad you are happy with your cab and sound system...............