lift point ??'s on 1 series?
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Thread: lift point ??'s on 1 series?

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    lift point ??'s on 1 series?

    as my 50hr service approaches (12hrs to go).. I've been meaning to ask.. Where are the best lift points on these machines?.. Just throw my jack under the center of the rear end?.. Where is it best to lift the front from?.. Not that it really matters but I'm curious.. How evenly balanced is the 1 series?.. Is one side significantly heavier than the other?.. I'd like to get the whole machine off the ground and onto jack stands when I do it.. Figured I'd take all 4 wheels off and get in for a deep clean etc..

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    Whoa there! Remember, that front end is on a pivot, not like a car suspension that has springs, shocks (or struts), and bump stops to keep from tilting over too far. You could have a quick mess on your hands jacking the rear in the center.

    IMHO, you're most likely best to jack the front first to get it off of the ground, then the rear, always using jack stands to hold everything up of course.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tonton View Post
    Whoa there! Remember, that front end is on a pivot, not like a car suspension that has springs, shocks (or struts), and bump stops to keep from tilting over too far. You could have a quick mess on your hands jacking the rear in the center.

    IMHO, you're most likely best to jack the front first to get it off of the ground, then the rear, always using jack stands to hold everything up of course.

    I don't know Tonton...I think it would just be higher up when it pivoted over ,if you put the front on jackstands first. You still have that pivoting front end to deal with.

    If the FEL is on, I'd pick the front end up off the ground and then do the rear. I usually lift the rear in the middle, slowly, and see if it stays semi level going up. If alls good , then I put jack stands under it and let it down. If it aint doing right, I'll do one side at a time on the rear. If the fel is off ,then I pick it up at the pivot center and fight the dang axle putting my stands under them. ...or just let the front axle dangle.
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    I put a jack on the draw bar under the axle, lifted the tractor, removed the wheels and put stands under the axle. It wasn't hard and the tractor didn't flop side to side.
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    I raised my 3005 by the drawbar enough to get both rear tires up when I filled with rimguard. I could rock the tractor back and forth by hand until I filled the first tire ofcourse.

    Sitting the front axle on stands will just make it higher, and just as tippy. I use the loader for the front.

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    I've done the same as psrumors and it works well.

    I haven't lifted the front yet, but thinking that a bottle Jack in the front under the front frame rails with a bridge may work nicely and you don't have to deal with any pivot if the rear is up completely?

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    I would rather work under the tractor with ,4 wheels on it. If you have all 4 off and it falls your gone.
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    I drove the rear up onto ramps, then lifted the front using the FEL with the bucket tilted down and placed stands under the front axle.

    I then lifted the rears off the ramps slightly with my 12-ton floor jack just enough to get the stands under the rear axle.

    It helps if you can use the smaller sized stands as they will interfere with your drain bucket placement if they are too large.
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    I usually drive the front up on ramps, if i don't have the fel on tractor,. After driving the front up on ramps then block the front wheels so tractor won't move. I then lift the back up with a car type hyd floor jack and then put jacks stands or ramps.
    I've make drive up ramps from 4 used 2x8 starting with about a 18" long down to a 9-10" on top
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    Have fun and be safe !!!
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    I've got a heavy duty set of 12,000# capacity truck ramps that I use with both my 3320 and 2320. I place the ramps ahead of the rear wheels and drive up onto them. The approach ramps are then toward the rear and out of the way. I then use a floor jack to lift the front end up and place jack stands under the axle for safety.

    I would not drive the front end up onto stands and then jack the rear. This raises the center of gravity and could make things tricky when jacking the rear end up below the final drive housing or drawbar.
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