Honest Mistake
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Thread: Honest Mistake

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    Honest Mistake

    Thought I should share this. Had some work done at my dealer ( who shall remain unnamed ) recently. Since it was in the shop anyway, I thought why not have the 50 hour maintance done. 200$ for everything including pick up and return. Who better then the dealer? No problem, neat sweet and pretty ready for winter.... I removed the mower deck and took a good look at the frame. Being a old shop teacher, use to checking everything, I used a nail and scratched a large X on the old trans oil filter. Fast forward, all back and done. I asked about the screen and magnet condition. Not bad I was told... At home yesterday I took a look at the new subframe ... You Guessed It.. My large X was still on the filter..... closer inspection shower no oil trace on the drain plug. You know if you drain oil and replace the plug, you always see oil on plug and pan. Not mine, plug was still paint sealed from factory. Madder then a hornet I returned to the dealer Explained what I had found.... Turns out honest mistake was made. 3 tractors in shop same day. One brand new 12 hours, mine 49 hours and one 67 hours. All getting backhoes added. Turns out the 12 hour tractor got the 50 hour service not mine... I did see the other 2 still in the shop! Sorry, sorry and red faced dealer gave me a full refund and will come to my house and do 50 hour service for free. Guess who will be watching... Also I now know the answer to Who Better then the dealer?? ME..... Feel free to use the Large X trick as a double check on work you pay for.....:empathy3: No harm No foul but glad I checked....
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    At least they made it right for you. It's sounds like the dealer had no malicious intentions from the get go.

    I make mistakes, I own them. It happens.
    - Jason

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    Things happen. Good catch on your part! My dealer said the 50hr service "would be around $400. 😳
    No mention of pick up and drop off.
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    Sounds like a good dealer to me. And seeing as you will be watching them doing the service you get to see just how to do it for yourself and maybe some shortcuts in the process for when you do it yourself. Two/three birds with one stone. Great!
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    I personally would share the dealer's name. Not to shame them for doing something wrong but to praise them for making it right. Customers are quick to complain but never swift enough to sing the praises of honest and hard working businesses.

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    Quote Originally Posted by felixm22 View Post
    I personally would share the dealer's name. Not to shame them for doing something wrong but to praise them for making it right. Customers are quick to complain but never swift enough to sing the praises of honest and hard working businesses.

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    Agree , share the dealers name, for the doing the right thing. It was a honest mistake and they made it correct.
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    Have fun and be safe !!!
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    Any one can make a mistake. The ones who own up to it is the one to keep.

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    Honest mistakes and owning up to them is huge in the trust category, this type of stuff, sadly, happens in the medical community as well.

    The dealer should really be tagging machines when they have several identical machines in for service to avoid this sort of issue. What if someone brought their machine in for an SCV replacement or a crucial service (like the 50 hr) that didn't get done and a machines life span was shortened or a failure happened? They put customers hard earned $ on the line due to a completely avoidable mistake.

    Another reason to do you own work if you can...

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    Why does there seem to be such a wide variety of 50 hour dealer service charges? $200 including pick up and delivery is a bargain! My dealer wanted $300.00, not including pick up/delivery. In the 50 hour thread sticky, I read that one dealer wanted $700 freakin' dollars!!! If that is true, they should be reported to John Deere for unscrupulous charges.
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    This thread is excellent food for thought. My machine is dealer bound shortly and will have some notes on it with masking tape/magic marker. JIC!
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