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Thread: Spin work lights

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    Spin work lights

    Two weeks ago I took off my forward work lights to have my dealer install a 260 backhoe. Once off I decided I needed a rear facing light,but didn't want a second set of lights. I came up with a solution that just might work. I took my wife's camera tripod apart because I needed the top adjustable mount. I machined a 7/8" cylinder with a threaded hole in it. The cylinder mounts on the light guard and the tripod head mounts on it. The 27 watt LED with horse blinder is bolted to the old camera mount removable shoe. Spliced a quick weather proof plug. For summer or storage easy on and off. The light now shines forward, at any angle up or down. Also turns 180 degrees and shines at any angle up or down. Temp wired it and it works very well and is easily adjusted. I think this will workout until the wife asks " Dear I need the camera tripod for Christmas photos, have you seen it" I know my answer will be "I sure have" I hope the pics show the details.
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    Having lots of photo gear myself I think this was an ingenious idea!
    It is what it is
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    Great idea! That's got to be pretty handy to be able to change the angle of the light at will.
    - Jason

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    You took her Christmas money for a BH and then her tripod. It's been nice knowing you Jep! It is a good idea. Wondering if she'll buy it?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Levi View Post
    You took her Christmas money for a BH and then her tripod. It's been nice knowing you Jep! It is a good idea. Wondering if she'll buy it?
    If Jep lives near buffalo and all that snow, bet she will buy into it!! if not..... Ouch!
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    My wife thought I was crazy to buy the snowblower for my 1026R!
    Our first snow this winter was 13.5" wet & heavy!!!
    She watched me blow it back where it came from.
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