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    New Guy Here

    Hi y'all,

    New guy here and I just placed an order for a new JD 1026R with MMM and FEL. Will only get it in Mid-September I could of purchased the 1023 and received it in August but I felt the 1026 offered more $ wise than the difference in price. I couldn't go wrong with 0 down and 0% for 60 months. I am almost tempted to ask for a backhoe now that I got a chance.

    I have done some research and reviewed some comments on here. I know this is a new machine and all but John Deere has a very good reputation on quality. Believe me I wanted a 2305 since the day they day they came out. Buying one new was the only option, I don't know how people price these items since there is no "Blue Book" on pricing used ones, but some prices were more than new or pretty close with over 300 hours on the machine.

    Thanks to those who have started this forum and I hope to have more input and get some more info as time passes. I will however keep you all informed when my machine arrives and update on all the happenings.


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    Welcome! Glad to have you aboard!

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    Hi Dan and WELCOME TO DT

    You should be very happy with the new 1026.
    Maybe it was best you didn't get the 2305,being this new model is like getting a super 2305!

    Greg from western pa

    2009 2520
    FEL/61" HD bucket/replaceable cutting edge
    62D2 MMM
    IMatch Quick Hitch
    A "REAL" snow blade ---- JD 380A modded to fit
    Homemade 3PT Receiver
    Homemade Ballast Box
    Woods GB65 Box Blade

    2019 JOHN DEERE X390 with 48" ACCEL DEEP DECK

    MY 2520 SE SEAT MOD:


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