John Deere 1025r snow plow help !
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Thread: John Deere 1025r snow plow help !

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    John Deere 1025r snow plow help !

    Hi everyone names Ernie and I'm new to the forum .
    The reason I joined the forum was the problem I'm having trying to find a used snow plow for my tractor . I have found a few but I'm not sure if they will work because they didn't come off a 1025r .
    So I would really appreciate is some one can tell me what to look for ?
    I have found a few quick-attach mounted plows but I'm not sure if they are universal and would work on my tractor .
    I would really appreciate if someone could shed some light on this for me .
    I'm going to try and post a picture of a plow I found ..maybe someone can tell me if this would work for me .
    Thanks very much ..Ernie
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Screenshot_20180826-193234_1535675134825.png

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    Not sure what that blade came off, but it looks different than what I have on my 1025. Maybe off a X700 series?

    The quick hitch should work but the hoses are probably too short. You could change the hoses or get extention hoses. The adaptor bracket and mounting brackets aren't the same and most likely wouldn't fit.

    Attachment 645808

    Here's pictures of the adaptor and mounting brackets I have on mine. Notice the semi-circle cutout on the top of the mounting brackets for bolt clearance.

    Attachment 645810

    Attachment 645812

    Attachment 645814
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    kylew's brackets are what you need for a 1025R/1023E.

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    Here are the part numbers for the various hitches. While the blades, blowers, and brooms are all pretty much the same, the tractor side quick hitches are all different.

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    Wondering where your located. Iím in Minn. I have one complete from my 1023e. Iíve bought a snowblower used, but wanted to mount and try it before making a decision to sell my 54 inch JD plow. I wonít need both. Dan

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