1025r 54 or 60 mid mount mower?
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Thread: 1025r 54 or 60 mid mount mower?

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    Question 1025r 54 or 60 mid mount mower?

    Hi all,

    I am looking at the 1025r and trying to decide between a 54 or 60 mid mount mower. I have about an acre to mow and some odd places and hills. So, I am thinking the 54" is better. But I keep having dealers recommending the 60". Even with Kubota Dealers, they keep putting down 60" mowers. I am afraid of the 60" scalping and it being too big.

    I currently have an old 1994 White GT-1855 and had a parts tractor with a 60" and used it and it was too big and cut poorly as it was just too big. It was at my old house as well, so not the same yard, but afraid of the same thing happening. The 50" deck cuts beautifully on both lawns.

    I was told they keep doing the 60" because it sticks out farther and you can mow around trees and stuff better.

    So not sure what to think!? Wondering what others with some experience with these machines and mmm might think?

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    I have the 54" deck on my 1025r. I have no experience with the 60 so I can't compare the two. My reason for picking the 54" was, I figured it would be easier for me to manhandle when it's off the tractor for maintenance and blade service.
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    I was in the same boat as you a little over a month ago. After reading a lot of threads where people talked about issues with the 60" MMM I was planning to get the 54" MMM. I have a rough, hilly, country yard that's a little over an acre. I don't have a "lawn". I have a couple of places that I'd landscaped for mowing with my older JD garden tractors that had either 46" or 50" decks so I was concerned about fitting between a few spots. I also have a few places where those smaller decks would scalp if I mowed the wrong way. In the end I decided to take a chance & go with the 60" MMM for my new 1025R & so far, I'm happy with that decision.

    I'm pretty blown away by how good of a job it does mowing considering some of the things I read beforehand. I think it does just as good of a job as my old tractors with the smaller mower decks. I have actually had fewer scalping issues with it than I did my older mowers, but that's probably due to deciding to cut the grass a little taller than I used to along with already knowing where those areas of concern were to start with. I used to always set my mower decks to 2 3/4" to 3" tall & I'm now cutting with the 1025R set at 3 1/2" to 3 3/4" tall based on measurements taken in my garage. I also mow with the gauge wheels in the lowest setting. It really doesn't look noticeably taller than before after cutting & I'm sure it's better for the grass. Honestly, it looks to me like it would be scalping if I mowed much lower as it doesn't look that tall to my eye. I think the extra height allows me a little more float to avoid scalping when I go over all of my rough little high & low spots. The only places I've really scalped bad was trying to get a couple spots in my ditches the first time. One was where I kind of bottomed out on a ridge when my front wheels hit the bottom of the ditch going up & down, & the other was when I crested the top of another ditch going up & down. Those two ditches are at about a 30°-35° incline so I'm not comfortable side mowing them like I did hanging off the side of my smaller garden tractors.

    Before I signed papers & committed to the 60" MMM I measured the tight spots in my yard & the deck to make sure it would make it. There is one spot between some landscape timbers & a tree that is extremely tight but I can just fit with the discharge chute folded up. I keep a bungee cord in my toolbox that I can grab that just happens to be the right length to reach down & fish the hook over the edge of the chute & flip it up when I come to those tight spots. IIRC the deck is about 63" wide with the chute flipped up & about 72" wide with the chute down if you have any concerns about that.

    I can't speak for manhandling the 60" MMM as I have only had it off once so far so I could get under the tractor for something. I put it back on as soon as I was done & never even moved it between dismounting & remounting. While I bought the 1025R for the versatility it has & I already have several projects lined up for it, it will probably spend the majority of its life as a mower.

    Not that it pertains in particular to just the 60" MMM, but the biggest things I've noticed so far that differ from mowing with my old garden tractors are:

    1. The hill factor. As I mentioned, I just haven't gotten comfortable enough yet to mow sideways like I did hanging off of my garden tractors on a few of the steeper spots in some of my ditches. The 1025R just has a higher center of gravity & so far the pucker factor has gotten to be too much in those places. A couple of these spots are so steep in fact that I have had wheels come of the ground on one side & come very close to flipping the smaller garden tractors when mowing with them before I perfected my leaning technique.

    2. Trees. Due to the extra height of the 1025R I need to trim some of my trees up higher or landscape out around them further. Between the distance the deck sticks out & the tight turning radius of the tractor (that seems like it might actually be tighter than one of my garden tractors) you can get very close to obstacles but the ROPS will definitely catch branches. With the ROPS up it's worse & the forward slant of it seems to try to angle the branches right down into your face. With the ROPS down it's not nearly as much of an issue, but it still sticks up higher than my garden tractors & will catch low hanging branches. I'm really glad I got the light guards for the ROPS lights & the extra LED light package I ordered with mine because they have already taken a beating after only mowing three times. I hope to get the trees trimmed before I mow again so I don't have to worry about that anymore.

    This is probably way more info than you really wanted but there's my perspective on it so far. Below is a picture of my yard I snapped before I left for work today. I mowed yesterday evening. The closest tree is the only one of the five oaks in that expanse of yard I can mow under with the ROPS folded down without any issues. The brownish areas in front of the house & stretching off to the side is where we brought in a bunch of fill last year to level things up after some septic work done a couple of years ago. Unfortunately, so far we haven't had a lot of luck getting anything nicer to grow there than meadow/field grass that just looks brown when mowed down that short & there are still some bare spots. This picture probably doesn't really do justice to how rough & hilly my yard is as your looking at the flattest part of it.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	10-1-18 Yard1.jpg 
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    Good luck in your decision.
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    I think the 60” is a better choice because the uncut circle is smaller and I can get closer to fences and trees with it as it is a bit wider than the tractor. I don’t have any issues with my 6” deck. The 1026 / 1025 is a big lawn mower, the 54” deck just seems to small too me.

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    I had a 1023 with the 54d and now have a 2025 with the 60d. From my experience your lawn determines which is best suited for you. If you have a fairly level lawn go for the 60d, if is uneven then the 54d will cut much better IMO. In my yard the 54d did a better job but up to the in laws the 60d gives a superior cut, but their yard has no quick uneven changes in terrain like mine does.
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    Good morning.

    You say that you have about an acre to mow. Is that acre part of a larger property, so that you'll be putting the other functions of a SCUT to use? If you have just a one acre yard, have you considered a ZTR mower? Faster, less money, better mow than either of the MMM's - at least based on the many previous posts I've read here. If you are a show yard fanatic, there are better choices than a SCUT MMM for mowing.

    If your dealer is one of those (and it seems there are too many of them) who fail to set up either of the two MMM choices properly, you will be disappointed by scalping and uneven cutting and autoconnect problems until you get the setup sorted out. It took me over two years, with a lot of help from people on this forum, to get my 60D to the place where it should have been upon delivery. I still see three blade stripes after every pass, but I mainly mow pastures and not ornamental yard.

    My 60D does a good job cutting around trees. Of course, you have to be on a left hand circle (or have the mulching plate kit). It does require one or two back-ups to cut a tight circle, so bypassing the RIO switch will be one of the first things you'll want to do to prevent engine shutoff every time you try to back while mowing. Forgetting to disengage 4WD after autoconnecting the mower will dig up your yard pretty well, but you'll learn that quickly. I do have R4 tires, maybe R3's would do less damage.

    I have found over the past three years that the 1025R tractor and MMM has left some decent ruts along the fence lines, and other places where there is no way to switch mowing tracks to reduce driving over the same track every time.

    I I could convince my wife, I'd have both a ZTR and the SCUT. But there are other things higher up on my bucket list. Go with the 60D mower.
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    Well I had a 60 on a 1025R for a year and some change. I Just upgraded this year to a 2025R with a 54D. The Little I used the 54D I find it to Leave a Better Cut compared to the 60 and I have a fairly flat Yard. Just a slight hill in one area where the 1025R or 2025R was two Big to cut in there anyways So I use My X748 with a 54inch deck

    Back In the early 2000's I had a JD 425 with a 60inch deck to use on 17acres I rented In NY. Never did like the Cut On that. So when I retired from the Army in 2002 and Moved Back to 5.5acres in IL I bought a X485 with a 48inch deck. And that old yard of 5.5acre was mixed terrain from rough, smooth and hilly and the 48inch always made the cut look great. Well In 2014 I upgraded the X485 to a X748 with a 54inch deck. It cut ok compared to the 48inch deck. Well In 2016 we moved to a 3.9acre Property still the first year I cut with the X748 with 54inch deck. The second Year summer of 2017 I tried cutting for about a Month with the 1025R with 60inch deck. I found it did not do as great a Job cutting as the 54inch deck on my X748 so I switched Back to the X748 with 54inch deck to finish the Mowing season.

    So when I knew I was going to upgrade to a 2025R I wanted to go with a 54D deck. Because the 54inch cuts so well and the X748 at are new Property. As I said above the 54D cuts a heck of a lot better than the 60D deck.

    At least with Deere I understand why they are pushing for the 60D. One reason the 54D is Hard to get. It was Just released By Deere it Late August / early September It's been On Back order for the 1025R & 2025R since 2017 and it still may be slow for coming into a dealer.

    Another reason they Push it is because it does cost more and it Increases what the dealer actually makes on the sale of the Tractor. Dealers really Make a small Percentage on a new tractor compared to what Deere actually pockets.

    Another thing it's In the American Psyche that bigger is better
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    Go with the 54" if store your tractor in a shed and the door way is close.

    I have the 54"' as the 60" was to close to my opening going in and out of my shed. Some have bigger doors so this isn't a problem but mine when I drive in and out I only have a few inches on each side. Just something to consider and the 54" is doing a great job or so I think.

    I also built my nice 12 by 20 shed about 5 years ago when I never thought about getting a tractor. If I had only known I would have raised it up another 5" and could get a nice cab for my unit!!!! When the roll bar is up I am about 2" short and gurrrrrrr (yeah I am a member of the forgetting to put the roll bar down, yes on my very first day)
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    PS Everyone knows what a 1025R looks like so my Avatar is a picture of my two girls!!!

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    I had a 2016 1025 with a 60" and traded it for a 2018 54" when I got my 2038R with a 72". I like the 54" because its better on hills for me. Not has much scalping. both mowers cut well.
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    I have the 60 on my1025. Only issue with scalping is if i am on some seriously uneven terrain - and thats jot the mowers fault - just the nature of the ground and any deck would scalp it.

    For changing blades i use the FEL and some chains to lift the deck off the ground. Who wants to pick that heavy thing up by hand?

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