Sheltering a 1025R?
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Thread: Sheltering a 1025R?

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    Sheltering a 1025R?

    Greetings all,

    My old Ford 8N has served me well for the last 25 of its 66 years (almost as old as I am!), but I think I'm about to put it into retirement. I've got a quote from the local JD dealer on a 2018 1025R with FEL, box blade, and grooming mower. I've been reading lots of good stuff about that tractor on this forum and others. First question I have (I'm sure I'll have many more) is how important it is to protect it from the weather? I live near Memphis, TN, and we have relatively mild conditions year-round. A few 100+ degree days in summer, a few sub-freezing days in winter. Usually plenty of rain, however. I'd like to build a barn, but that's not in the cards right away. The garage is full. The 8N has sat outside for most, if not all of its 66 years and has survived rather well - will this tractor hold up as well to the elements? I've had suggestions to at least cover the seat/steering wheel area with a tarp and I've also heard that it's better not to do so because a tarp tends to trap moisture.

    Also, drive-over belly mower vs. pull-behind grooming mower? (I've always had a Woods RM550 pull-behind on the 8N and think I prefer it over a belly mower.)

    Suggestions are needed!

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    These tractors set out in the weather all the time at dealers. As for 66 years of work like the old N has yet to be determined. But there are a lot of these tractors similar to model 2305 that is out there and doing well. Usually it is the plastic parts that begin to fail along with the paint fading. As for the Woods mower, I used my RM550 on my 2305, both 1026r and now with the 2032r. So that should not be a problem. Personnally I do not think you will get a belly mower that will mow to your satisfaction that is why I did not get the belly mowere for the 2032r. The woods just does a better job. I did end up wit ha Zturn but I still mow with the RM550.
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    Well, it all depends on what your "bent" is. Some guys are very proactive. They wash their mower deck after each use, along with the tractor, keep it waxed, etc. Others won't even change the oil.

    Leaving your tractor outdoors will slowly degrade it. Sunlight UV will degrade the finish, the seat upholstery, rubber components (tires, belts, hoses) and the critters will make nests in it. I never have much luck with tarps. They are typically wet and full of dirt. So pulling them on/off scratches the finish and the wind is always blowing them off or causing them to flap against the covered item.

    If your time line is a year or so to a permanent storage building, I'd try to find a shady spot to park it. If more than that, you may want to look into one of those plastic pipe framed shelters. They don't work in MN, due to the winter snow load, but they may last longer where you are.
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    As others have mentioned, the weather won't be as kind to the plastic components as it was to your 8N. You will quickly develop rust and corrosion in the hardware and fittings. There is someone near me who bought a brand new 1025R TLB and they just leave it sitting uncovered in their driveway. I had a 9N for 25 years prior to getting my 2720. You have to be careful covering it with a tarp as it can trap moisture.

    I'm not sure what space you have available at your property but perhaps a portable shelter would suffice. You can get one like shown below for around $400.

    I keep my tractor in a portable garage. You don't need one all that big for a 1-series. They are fairly inexpensive and they just come and plop it down where you want it.

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails garage1.jpg   garage2.jpg  
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    I built a 10x20 enclosed shed for my last tractor but my wood shop slowly spilled over into it and now it houses the snowmobiles during the summer and all my implements in the winter. Currently I use one of those ShelterLogic 12x20 "garage in the box" sets that I got on sale at Tractor Supply for a little over $200, and put down some pieces of 3/4" pressure treated plywood to serve as a floor. It works okay, the roll up doors are a pain but they hold up just fine to the snow load here in upstate New York - average snow fall here is about 80 inches a year (a few of my neighbors have the same sheds). You will have to fold the ROPS down to get through the door, which may or may not be a deal breaker for you. I store everything but the snowblower in it and it's pretty tight, because with the floor not being really solid I can't put anything on dollies to move it out of the way.

    My main concern with using the ShelterLogic shed is critters. I've had a few mouse droppings inside the shed, and tons of ants\spiders but nothing major so far in a year.
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    This has been for sale locally on CL for months, and this is what SCUT will look like after a few years of sitting outside.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kennyd View Post
    This has been for sale locally on CL for months, and this is what SCUT will look like after a few years of sitting outside.
    Oh my lawd, someone should be beat with a rubber hose for doing this. I just don't get how someone can spend that kinda money and just leave it outside.
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    If you think today's tractors, regardless of brands will stand up in the open like your 66 year old 8N...Forget About IT.
    You clearly know & see what the sun & UV does to plastic headlights, clear coat paint finishes & the paint itself & the moisture & rust on external & internal parts.

    If your going to invest thousands in new or used equipment, the very least is to put it under a carport. Personally I would build out a storage & work barn, which is what I just completed. It's 42' x 24' deep & has plenty of room for me. My wife & I built it together. The only outside contractor I hired was a local concrete contractor to level, pour the floor slab & fill the supporting post holes. My cost came to $16,500 from start to finish. The concrete work was $4,200 & that's included in the total price. One of my better investments. And like you I'm down here in hell's kitchen-South Carolina
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    Quote Originally Posted by Big View Post
    Oh my lawd, someone should be beat with a rubber hose for doing this. I just don't get how someone can spend that kinda money and just leave it outside.
    I am more appalled at the asking price...I don't think I could get that for mine with the BH and FEL and MMM...
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    Quote Originally Posted by chex313 View Post
    I am more appalled at the asking price...I don't think I could get that for mine with the BH and FEL and MMM...
    Yeah, I paid less for my 2320 with 54 blower and loader with 1/3 the hours!
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