1025r 3-pt lift funny noise
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Thread: 1025r 3-pt lift funny noise

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    1025r 3-pt lift funny noise

    I had a fluke issue with my new 1025r. After a couple of hours of use with a pull-behind mower, I happened to notice that the left lift arm on the 3-pt had come off of the spindle. Not sure that 'spindle' is what to call it, but the lift arm had come unattached from the splined attachment to the tractor. Apparently the big c-clip holding it in-place had popped off (or maybe it was missed during assembly and wasn't there.) Regardless, the dealer sent a mechanic (who said he had never seen that happen before) and he reattached it. After he left, I raised and lowered the arms a few times (without any load on them) and noticed a "cuuuusssshh" kind of noise occasionally when they were lifting. Is that noise normal? Reminds me of the compressed air released kind of sound you hear occasionally when next to a semi truck stopped in traffic, but not as loud. I did raise and lower the arms a few times prior to this incident and don't remember it making this noise.

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    Mine does the same thing. Others have reported the same noise as well when we discussed it last fall. The general conclusion was maybe it was normal and to wait and see if it develops into something. You're the first mention of it I've heard it since then.
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