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    NorTrac Quick Hitch

    Just checking to see if anyone has used the NorTrac Quick Hitch for sale at Northern Tool. The Cat. 1 model is for sale for $99. If so, what are your thoughts? Were you able to get the top link adapter?

    It looks like the same unit that Harbor Freight has on their website.

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    No data here, I use JD's iMatch myself.

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    I use a LandPride QH; but Northern Tool is a hybrid outfit to me in that they sell some good stuff (e.g. Milwaukee, etc), and a lot of their house brand stuff (e.g. Klutch, etc) that is probably the same as Horrible Fright.

    If you think the NorTrac is a rebadged HF unit, and if you don't like HF; then I suggest you shop for a name brand unit. If you like HF, and this unit is equivalent to HF for less $$$$, then go for it.
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    Nortrac / HF quick hitch

    I looked at both of these for awhile, and looked at the price of the imatch and Land Pride.
    With a HF store about a mile from my house I could not resist the temptation to try it when I received a coupon
    making the HF hitch $79.
    I brought the hitch home and mounted it to the tracotr in five minutes.
    The top link is adjustable on the HF unit so I had to measure where it should be set.
    Only complaint is the top link hook comes with large head bolts, which I easily replaced iwth pins.
    The bolt heads hit the mounts on some attachments.
    2nd issue is the outside of the top link hook is made a little to high.
    I cut 1/2" off and the QH now works perfect.

    For $79 + 30 minutes of modifications I have no complaints

    P.S. I think the Nortras and HF QH are the same unit.

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