My one year anniversary with a 1025R
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Thread: My one year anniversary with a 1025R

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    My one year anniversary with a 1025R

    Some of my thoughts about my JD 1025R.

    This is one of the most top heavy/tippy tractors I've ever operated. I live on a steep rolling piece of land, but also grew up in northern WV where I never felt uncomfortable on a tractor. I've had this one on 3 wheels, 2 wheels a few times. Using my MF GC2300 I didn't have to think about it, but I plot most every move when using this tractor and use my seatbelt more in 1 year than I did in 5 with the GC2300. Prior to the GC I mowed the same lot with a JD GT262 and never thought once about tipping over. I would never ask a friend or neighbor to mow my yard with this tractor.

    The 1025R also mows much worse than the 60" deck on the GC2300 and I feel the operator compartment was more open and comfortable on the Massey. The mower deck was horribly loud, until the dealer figured out there were several bushings missing from the factory. It's quiet now. There doesn't seem to be anywhere for the engine heat to go, except on my feet. I'm glad I don't have to mow more that a couple hours when its hot out.

    I do like the turning radius of the 1025R, its impressive how sharp it will turn. But the penalty to that is tearing out hunks of yard. I don't like how slow the hydraulics are, snail slow to me. In direct comparison to MF and Kubota when shopping it seemed they were much faster.

    Now that the kinks are worked out and the tolerances adjusted, I do really like the quick connect deck. I also like how much easier it seems to drop the loader arms on the JD vs the competition. I wish I had waited for one to come in or made the dealer transfer a tractor with turf tires. The R4's slip slide on my hills. One of these days I'll get new tires or sipe these.

    The main thing I love about the JD is the aftermarket and dealer support. Have you ever tried to order a part from AGCO website or dealer? Also our local Kubota/MF dealer was clueless when I was in the buying process. Didn't know if a drive over deck was available, a mulch kit or if pallet forks would be released for the 2018 GC. They also offered $1500 less on trade in, even though they weren't much cheaper than the Deere. Asking basic info in the service department was an exercise in frustration.

    Overall I'm happy with the 1025R, I've used it a lot. Especially the pallet fork. And I know it will hold its value. Although the GC I traded got a quick respray, new deck, 4 new rims and tires and sold for $7000 on the same resell lot I purchased it from.
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    If you are worried about tipping check into wheel spacers for rear wheels. I have them on both my 1025R and 2038R.
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    What drifterbike said but no more than 1.5", 1.25" would be better. Also either fill the tires or starter weights.
    I have both on mine with a Mauser cab and it's rock solid.
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    2018 1025R, Mauser cab, 120R FEL w/53" bucket, 60D deck, 60HD broom, Frontier BB2048 box blade, 647 rototiller, Tarter 5' rear blade, Fimco 40 gal sprayer, Farm King Y600-4 snow blower
    60" Swisher offset finish mower.
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    Quote Originally Posted by timzr View Post
    I wish I had waited for one to come in or made the dealer transfer a tractor with turf tires. The R4's slip slide on my hills. One of these days I'll get new tires or sipe these.
    I ordered a set of turf tires from Amazon for my 1025r and took them down to my local tire shop and let them do them do the swap on their tire machine.
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    2018 1025r. 260B backhoe, 120r loader, Titan 36" forks, Frontier RT1142 tiller
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    I thought maybe the post was going to include details about some flowers, maybe some chocolate, dinner and perhaps a movie and a special gift. Turns out, it's a review of the tractor.....

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    Quote Originally Posted by timzr View Post
    Some of my thoughts about my JD 1025R.

    This is one of the most top heavy/tippy tractors I've ever operated. .
    I'm at one year with mind love everything about it other than a couple things that broke but I have had it up on 3 wheels twice now. It's all about weigh I run the back hoe a lot of the time on it I find it is most stable with that on also I can drop the supports a 1" from the ground if going up a hill slowly in case it goes over. But yes every little rock every dip or little pile of mulch it scares the #@##$ out of me. This is a tractor it's suppose to be able to go over a field or construction site with out tipping or worrying about it.
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    Keep on going and you guys will get the hang of these tractors....I've had dozens of tractors and each model "is what it is"

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