Love mowing with my 1025R
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Thread: Love mowing with my 1025R

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    Love mowing with my 1025R

    So, I know that the consensus is typically to get a ZTR or a smaller mower instead of buying an MMM for the 1025R.

    That said, I just dropped the ‘work clothes’ off the tractor yesterday ( 260b and 120r ) and reattached the auto connect kit + the 60 MMM. I mowed.

    I LOVE mowing with this machine. It’s got infinite power for stupid heavy grass (even with the mulch kit on). It’s like riding a Cadillac, comfortable, tall, turns on a dime , and I get a nice consistent, clean cut. I know a lot of people hate on using the 1025r as a mower, but I love it. It’s possible I just come from a long line of cheaper mowers (Montgomery Ward, Craftsman LT 1000 and JD x324 AWS), but I just find a lot of joy when mowing. Coming from the all wheel steer, I was expecting disappointment, but honestly, I’m finding ver little that causes me extra time. In fact some spots that I was really leveraging the AWS, turns out that it’s more efficient to use a different path. But, the 1025r turns (I feel like) about the same as the LT 1000 and definitely better than the Montgomery Ward 🙂

    In fact the only other thing that may be more fun than mowing is running the 54” snow blower. The other nice thing is the smooth diesel power, no dips or drops, just nice and even.

    Now - tires and weight. Yes, it’s is heavy, but my lawn is no more rutted than my neighbor’s with his Ferris ZTR (wet wet wet). The only real problem is with all Ash trees that needed to come out (15-70+ footers) I’ve been doing loader/backhoe work all over and have made a mess. Time to pick up a 3 PH spreader and get some seed down !

    The utility and versatility is unmatched and (unlike most) I’m proud to stand up and say “I LOVE mowing with my 1025r and 60” MMM

    2018 1025R | 120R FEL | 260B Backhoe | 60" MMM w/ Autoconnect | 54" Quick Hitch Snow Blower w/ Spout Control | 54" Quick Hitch Blade | Artillian 3k with 42" Forks | Titan Ballast Box | LED Lighting kit

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    I love my 1023e for mowing as well!! These little tractors do everything well!!
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    120R FEL Thanks to my GTT Friends!

    With overtime money more to come!

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    I agree. I have the 60’ deck on a 2025R and it’s just fun. I have some steep hills in my yard and it climbs them like a champ. My soil has a lot of shale so weight hasn’t made any difference. It doesn’t compact easily. My steering cuts sharper than I ever expected. I can mow around trees and things as well as my old riding mower. But with power steering. It’s a joy to mow now.

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    Blue Diamond Toothbar
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    5 Ft KK Box Blade
    Carry All
    Single Row Cultivator
    KK Middle Buster

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    Quote Originally Posted by scooterman View Post
    “I LOVE mowing with my 1025r and 60” MMM
    Me too!!!
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    1026R -- 60D mmm -- H120 Loader -- Curtis 150 Tiller -- DR 3 point Chipper -- Howse Middle Buster -- Brinly 16 Blade Disk -- Kodiak 5' Box Blade -- 12-42 lb. suitcase weights -- Lawn roller -- Upgraded seat springs from psrumors -- Kennyd's bolt on hooks & clevis -- BXpanded tooth bar -- CMI 6' wagon -- Heavy Hitch Cultivator /garden bedder / hiller attachments --

    Donated by some great people/vendors on here: 72 lb. wheel weights -- Bro-Tek 1˝" rear wheel spacers.
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    I ran my 1025 with Woods rotary cutter over a 1 1/2 acre pasture last week. It hadnt been mowed since last spring. A week later, this morning, I went back with the 54 inch belly mower and did it diagonal. Thus is a WAY better mower than people led me to believe. I heard all the stories here and expected it to be awful. That engine never skipped a beat chopping up heavy clippings while climbing a hill. I have the R4 tires and held my breath when I mowed my own lawn yesterday. It was a little damp but supposed to rain again today so I figured it was now or never. Actually even with the loader on it didnt do any more damage than the old 425 did. It left a nice smooth cut. Before I even tried it I was kicking myself for buying the mower deck and was considering selling it unused, and getting an old STX 38 or a ZTR. After using it I dont see a reason. If there is anything I dont like its the RIO. Gonna have to deal with that damn thing soon!
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    Quote Originally Posted by scooterman View Post
    I LOVE mowing with this machine.
    Great that it's mowing good for you! Be safe and have fun.
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    2016 X739, 2018 1025R, 60HC mmm Auto Conn, FEL, BH, Frontier Forks, Woods finish mower, CF Box Blade, Taylor Way TP 923 Rotary Tiller, County Line Landscape Rake, County Line Auger, Ratchet Rake, Ken's Bolt-on Hooks and Differential Pedal, and a few home-made contraptions to attach.
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    I've got rid of a zero turn when I got my 1025r wit 60"mmm and I wouldn't go back.
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    2016 1025 R (Mr. Green Genes)
    H-120 53" Front End Loader
    D-60 Mid Mount Mower
    Ken's Bolt on Hooks Combo Deal!!
    i-match quick hitch
    JD ballast box
    Heavy Hitch Receiver
    CMP Dethatcher
    TSC Middle Buster
    King Kutter 48" Rotary Cutter
    4' Tiller Country Way
    Extended Hook and adjustment pins

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    I like the pictures that people share here, gives me a different perspective on what people expect and what their conditions are.

    I don't have a MMM, I use a RFM and am happy with it. I also have an X320 with a bagger.

    For the 1025r, I'm not fussy about a little temporary rut or scalp here or there, I live in farm country and my yard used to be a horse pasture (some still is), with all of the imperfections that that brings. I'm gradually smoothing it out and some day will evict the horses and have to work to keep it trimmed, but for now, its all good. My soil is also well drained and I don't mow when it is wet.

    Others insist on a refined, finished look and fret over little, temporary imperfections. Many people have poorly drained soil and the R4 tires cause problems for them. If you expect perfection and have challenging conditions, there are better options.

    So, I guess that it is all a matter of perspective. I'm happy, and I'm glad that you are too!

    2016 1025R FITLB : OTC (winter only) : AF10F front blade : Titan 42" forks : 60" First Choice RFM : KK 48" Tiller : EA 60" Pine Straw Rake : 60" Landscape Rake : Pat's Hooks : HH w/ 12 42# weights : KK Ripper/Potato Plow : Loaded Rears with 50# weights : Ken's Hooks, springs and straps : HH Tooth Bar : Edge Tamers : BXPanded 6" bucket w/coupler
    2014 X320 : Johnny Plow/Johnny Bucket : Bagger

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    I thought my 520H WH was the greatest mower, after 2 years , I had to try the MMM on the 1026R, as my WH restore was not finished...The WH never got used again...
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    Dave's 2012 1026R TLB,54"MMM Auto Attach,Ken's hooks&clevis,Artillian 36' Forks and a KennyPedal WH 520H 48" Snow Blade,48" Deck379 Peterbuilt (3 Million Miles in a big truck)

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    While I await the delivery of mine and watch my grass get unruly....

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