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Thread: Reverse lights

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    Reverse lights

    I have a 1026r. When you back up are the tail lights supposed to light up like reverse lights on a car? My tractor does not. I see the new 1025rís have different tail lights. Do they have reverse lights?

    I am wanting to put an auxilary light on the back of my rops to turn on when backing up. So I can see into my dark shed at night.

    I do have the PTO reverse shut off switch bypassed on my tractor (zip tied switch closed) so my snowblower doesnt shut off when backing up. Curious is the reverse lights work off the same circuit if I even have them. Worse case I can wire in a dedicated switch for back light.
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    I can't speak for the 1026R specifically but the way they work on the X585 is like this. The headlight switch has 3 positions. Off/on with backup lights/everything on.

    So the only way the backup lights work with reverse is if I have the lights on with the switch in the middle position. If I turn them on fully, then the backup lights stay on. This is helpful when hooking up a 3pt attachment in the dark for instance.

    If you have the 3 position switch and they don't work when backing then I would look at the switch that you likely have near the forward/reverse pedals. Many times people will disconnect this switch and jumper two of the connections because they don't like the PTO cutting out when they back up. The side effect to this is that switch also controls when the backup lights come on when the light switch is in that middle position. Again this is how it works on my X585 but odds are the system on a 1026R is pretty close.

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    No reverse lights on the 1025R. They have marker, hazard & brake lamps. The reverse switch, for the RIO, feeds an input to instrument cluster processor. So I don't if it is rated for very much current. You'd likely have to drive a relay with it.

    I don't last until dark any more in the summer. So not much of an issue until winter. I have a cab then and have a rear facing work lamp that paralleled with the front work lamps. You could do the same thing on the ROPS and the wiring is already at the base of the ROPS for it (purple wire with female bullet connectors).
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    I added backup lights almost a year ago to my 1025R. In my post, I included a diagram, photos, and instructions for tapping into the tractor's backup switch on the reverse pedal. LINK HERE.
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