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Thread: TTWT Kubota BX / Deere 1-Series Comparison

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    I owned a BX2350 for 10 years and going on 800 hours. Itís a good comparison, very fair. I now own a 2025r so itís tough for me to make a direct comparison. One thing I was surprised how much larger the JD is.

    I will limit my comments to the three point since that is what the video is about. The position control I would have said wasnít a bid deal but now that I have it there is a difference. I know when I removed snow with a rear blade I just held the three point lever down. I just got a rear blade for my JD a couple of days ago. I never could grade with the rear blade on the Kubota on gravel or dirt. With the JD in think it will be much better. That could be because the 2025 is bigger and heavier, the blade is heavier or position control. The blade just seems to skip around a lot less.

    Make no mistake Kubota makes quality stuff. Iím looking forward to his comparison on mower decks. The auto connect deck was a game changer for me.
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    I liked your comparison video Tim. I must say I am a little bias myself because I like most of your videos. When I was looking at getting a 1025R I stumbled upon your videos and they always impressed me. The amount of work you can get out of these little tractors is incredible. I am sure in the end both tractors will have their good features and bad but they are both fine machines.

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    Nice, unbiased comparison.

    Watched this video yesterday. It was refreshing not having the salesman bias imposed on every comparison.

    So far there's nothing that makes me think I made the wrong choice. But you only really covered the 3ph in this first video and the only thing I use the 3ph for is the ballast box. Considering my 1023E has the same up or down control as the BX obviously there wasn't much there to swing my opinion. One comment on the 3ph lift capacity. Since the BX's arms are 4" shorter, wouldn't that mean the hydraulics would have to work less to pick up the same weight? Granted from the user's perspective how much it lifts is what counts, not why it can lift it. Just offering this as an explanation for why the BX can lift more.

    For me the comment about mower deck removal, which matches my pre-purchase research, confirms I have the right tractor in the garage. Ease of implement changes was high on my priority list.

    Thanks for another great video Tim. Looking forward to the rest of the comparison.
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    I donít feel the JD lost the lift height competition. If you factor in the angle I think anything as small as a box blade will end up higher when lifted.

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    Interested to see the rest of this series of videos!
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    Very fair Tim . Looking forward to more . Now if you will excuse me , I need to go measure some stuff out in the shop .
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    Just wanted to say good job Tim. Guess it ok to make more of your videos cause I have watched most of them.

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    Tim I enjoyed this video as I usually do. Looking forward to seeing more of the same! As a new tractor owner as of last year I have learned a lot from your videos. A thought that occurred to me on the lift capacity. I may be wrong but wouldn't the shorter 3 point arms on the Kubota 3 point enable it to lift more since the weight is closer to the tractor?
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    I watched it yesterday and thought you did a great job of making a logical and unbiased comparison. Thanks

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    Obviously JD cannot win on every head to head. What I think most people buy the 1 Series for is to have a true 3 pt. tractor with the ability to.......wait for it, wait for it...Ö..MOW also! Thus eliminating the need for two machines if your yard manicuring is more than what a push mower can handle or let me state, "ourselves".

    That being said, I know the limitations of the lift and power to the PTO as stated in the spec's of both machines when I compared them. The thing that won me over with a JD, and you have to know I am a big fan of the Kubota brand and quality as no one can state otherwise, was just how quick the FEL and the mowing deck in the least amount of steps could be removed or attached! Tim you mentioned that while tilling the dirt as you recall....LOL and it is true!

    So whether you like orange or green, as you stated in this first head to head, you have to decide what works best for you. I do recall my dealer being big on the select height for the PTO whereas the 1023E used I believe the same system as Kubota. The only place that Deere screwed that up is with the cheesy cam stop for setting the height to go back to. Heck......most of the time the darn thing will not grip!!!! JD needs to pay a entry level engineer to figure that out as I have ideas but really they should not place that on the market as such a pain in the rear as it is to set!

    Keep the videos coming Tim!
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