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1025R backhoe and stump

Thread: 1025R backhoe and stump

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  1. machineryman said:

    1025R backhoe and stump

    I have been doing fall stump service with my 1025r and backhoe. I use the smaller bucket and work down the roots...try to find a spot to dig a hole. Today's project was a large cherry tree hit by light last year. After cleaning off the large roots and then using a Stihl blower to remove dirt....cut through the large arteries. Did a double cut to allow movement. Then after digging holes....I took my high pressure JD4400 with forks and pried up the stump and hauled it to burn spot. Then worked out the other roots...I had about 5 hours in stump removal about 2 hrs. in landscaping. These little devils will work out the excavating. I have the larger JD4400 for the pressure usage. Can't say enough good about my little used 1025r with backhoe.
  2. machineryman said:
    Tractors in operation
  3. machineryman said:
    photos of tractors
  4. rtgt's Avatar

    rtgt said:
    ummm, not seeing any pictures.

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  5. WhiskeySixRadio's Avatar

    WhiskeySixRadio said:
    Let's see 'em !
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  6. Sportshot2 said:
    Invisible tractor, that is the best kind. If you can’t see it does it still cost money?
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  7. machineryman said:
    photos of tractors used...
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  8. machineryman said:
    When I originally bought the 4400 the tractor had an inferior designed front end. John Deere did a replacement and also sent a new hydraulic pump and that tractor has "excellent" hydraulics....bought it new in 1999. I did a swap of a 990 for the 1025r.