1025R Shift To Neutral
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Thread: 1025R Shift To Neutral

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    1025R Shift To Neutral

    I was hit with the Shift to Neutral issues!! I was like DAMM it here I go, I had just dropped a neighbors tree and didn't want to leave a mess in their yard. After working on it for a bit, checking the switch which I METERED out (OHMS Checked out perfect) and checking the wires and seen they are all in and in Contact. So started to get more puzzled. Being the Engineer i am, I had to continue to figure it out, Started to trace the wires back and found a branch that shoved it way up and got the plug wire near the seat. After removing the branch and looking at it plus removing a panel below the seat right at the floor board of the tractor. I discovered that the branch had PERFECTLY disconnected the wire without damaging anything, including the snap clip on the wire. I couldn't believe it. Back and running Tree removed and cleaned up.
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    Lucky man

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    We like happy endings. And quick resolutions to the issue at hand.

    Many people have damaged the hydraulic lines under these SCUTS as well as damaged the steering cylinder running over limbs and brush. I make it a point to not run over any limbs or brush as I would bet there have been a dozen different incidents from electrical wires being damaged, harnesses being damaged, but I do think yours is the first "clean unplugging of the connector, including the connector snap clip."

    There have been various damaged components, including hydro oil lines and even a few broken or punctured hydro filters. There have been steering cylinders damaged, as well as broken lines, fittings, connectors, ruptured hoses, etc. Starter motor harnesses have been torn free and even the filter threaded nipple on the hydro case has been broken off the case, which can be a very major issue.

    A GTT member down under (New Zealand, I believe) had a serious problem and damaged a primary steel hydraulic line which resulted in the stranding of his tractor. This line is tucked up well under the bottom of the tractor and is hard to get to in the shop and extremely difficult working in the bottom of what sounded like a ditch. No question the working conditions really rhymed with the physical location of the stranded machine.

    This resulted in him having to special order this part into his country and the damage stranded the tractor out in some rough under brush conditions. When the line finally did arrive, he really struggled to get the lines disconnected from the steering valve and in the end, a service technician traveled several hours each way from the dealership, to assist him in achieving the final repairs. Good news is he did get the machine back in use, but it was quite costly and resulted in his tractor being out of commission for nearly a month.

    Moral of the story, be super careful running over anything with these machines as the low ground clearance and many critical components leave the under belly very exposed and vulnerable .

    While there is frequent talk of a skid plate being developed, thus far it remains talk and in the planning stages. I think the demand would be decent for such a part, but its a large part to stamp and expensive to make if its not going to be an OEM. It would be nice if Deere offered one as an option but I have heard noting but speculation on that as well.........
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    A freak accident damaged the hydraulic oil cooler in my JD 6415 . IIRC about $700 to repair . This was in June? or July? 2013. There is a post in the Utility Tractor section of the forum.
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    Hmmmm... Branches.

    Many O man has been killed by them.

    Widowmakers if your a tree faller.....or just in the wrong place wrong time.

    Heard stories of them coming UP through the floorboards of a Cat and Spearing a guy.

    I learned my lesson early on in a borrowerd Ford 4x4 mcut. Never push on branches with the FEL..yup

    They will slide off the top a smack you square in the ear....ouch...
    Not as bad as when things went south last year..Took a header off a 2 story house and sliced the same ear off.
    Just 24 stitches worth.. it was just floppin in the wind.WE ( Jr and I) were 4 blocks from the local Hostpital and lukily the "good" surgeon was on duty. Didn't take long to get service once I entered...and yea I had to drive me..Jr. needs His license back.

    It looks good as possible...its fine....they can kill the pain but you still hear every stitch..note to self...don't do that again.

    Back to branches, radiaters ,torn brake lines,flats...they are evil devils.

    Look like twigs but bite much harder$$$$$.
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