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    European 1026R model


    For a little while ago I sent an e-mail to my local JD dealer here in Norway and asked some questions related to the new 1-series. He informed me that he was heading over to JD's main office in the United States, and wanted to get some more info there. Now he has come back to me with some answers, and among the information he gave me was a small booklet on the new European model of the 1-series. At least it looks like a European rear hitch as far as I can see.

    The part that interested me most was that it seems to me that it is possible to get it with a JD optional cab! Take a look at the attached booklet and check it out for yourself...

    1 Series Europa.pdf


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    interesting, never seen one like that, sure is nice though
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    If that cab was offered here I would have it on my 1026R.

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