Gathering up the leaves
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Thread: Gathering up the leaves

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    Gathering up the leaves

    I have a 1026R. Has anyone purchased a JD powerflow bag system or used a aftermarket system? Whats your experience? I have an I-match hitch.

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    I had the JD 14 bushel bagger with powerflow blower on my 2305. It was my least favorite attachment because mounting the bagger framework was back breaking and the bags filled up in seconds with leaves. The powerflow unit doesn't mulch the leaves much at all. And all this for only $2400!

    I wish JD still made the old clamshell MCS units from years past. I wonder why those lost popularity. One of those would have been great on the back of the 2305.

    This doesn't help you, but we are in the process of getting an MC519 for the back of our X324. It is the closest thing available to the old MCS's. We just tried the Cyclone Rake, which is a great machine, but just too large and long for our situation (it is still shorter than the other competitive machines available). Once it gets over half full, it starts telling the little X324 where it wants to go. The fact that the tractor has 4 wheel steering just seems to compound the hysteria. The CR would have been great on our 2305, however. You might want to take a look at their website.

    Here are a couple of pictures of the CR on the X324 taken a couple of days ago. The last pic shows what sort of things can happen if you aren't paying attention to what is happening out in back with the CR attached. I watched from a distance as it happened but it figures I didn't have the chance to get it on video. It was hysterical.
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    Peco Lawn Vac

    I use a Peco lawn vac on my 2305. Here is a link for anonther option for you to check out.
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