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Thread: What did you do with your SCUT Deere today?

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    That’s what the guy on No Country for Old Men does on his spare time? In shorts? LOL. That was awesome!
    I’ve looked at all the options posted here. Thanks guys. I figured I need to get some work out for my mossberg so me and these will be hanging out this weekend

    Click image for larger version. 

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    1025R, 120R FEL, 60D MMM, Frontier 2060L, Bunch of homemade stuff

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    Quote Originally Posted by KTManiac View Post
    If you want to concuss the buggers to death, ...get one of these!
    Oh, I would enjoy that a little too much. My neighbor made a shotgun shell trap. He only uses it when he comes across a gopher he can’t get with the normal cinch trap. He puts it down in the runway and it doesn’t take long. The gopher resembles a wet dishrag afterwards.
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    [QUOTE=KTManiac;3378280]If you want to concuss the buggers to death, ...get one of these!

    I love the smell of propane in the morning. It smells like ...............Victory.
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    Lots of stuff from Ken's Bolt on Hooks

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    Quote Originally Posted by bfloyd4445 View Post
    Geez...aint there any real men posting in this thread? A real man don't need no stinkin cab just cause its a bit chilly and wet. A real man sits in a warm house sippin an adult beverage with the misses serving him snacks and refills as needed watchin the game........

    At least till she demands the driveway be plouged so she can go get er nails done.
    I would think a real man would have the wife do the plowing while he sits in a warm house watching a big-screen.

    Unfortunately we don't have any plowing to do so I've never been able to put this theory into practice.
    It may be that your sole purpose in life is simply to serve as a warning to others.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Auguste View Post
    What is that tool he is using?
    It's a Rodenator Rodent Blaster HS-1

    Although, there is trouble in paradise at the company. It seems that someone involved in the finances of the company has hijacked the online payment methods, changed passwords for their access, and has been diverting money to herself (with no product being shipped out to customers). So be forewarned!!!

    The "Pro Kit", with remote detonator, is about $1,900.
    Last edited by KTManiac; 11-08-2019 at 04:18 PM.
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    Had 3 big ash trees taken down today so over the weekend I have to move 25 yds of chip and all the logs
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails 7849A3C5-4BD1-4084-A48E-AD5F6C241BD8.jpeg  
    2017 1025R TLB
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    54" plow
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    Great firewood cutting weather.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    I also cut down a mulberry that had a bad lean to it and stacked it where I'd had the above 2 trees waiting to be cut and split. Should be nice and cured for next year.
    "We're all ignorant, just in different subjects." - Will Rogers

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    Took the FEL off and installed the Snow Blower. Greased the tractor and Snow Blower so I guess I am ready for the Lake Effect.
    1994 JD 445 with 54" MMM
    2012 JD 1026R with FEL, 54" MMM, I-Match, King Kutter 4' Flex Hitch Rotary Kutter L-48-40-P-FH, JD Ballast Box.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Termite View Post
    Had 3 big ash trees taken down today so over the weekend I have to move 25 yds of chip and all the logs
    I could use every bit of those chips for my trails!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sundancer268 View Post
    Took the FEL off and installed the Snow Blower. Greased the tractor and Snow Blower so I guess I am ready for the Lake Effect.
    And it's coming. They are calling for 3" to 12"+ Monday and Tuesday in my area. Tomorrow, I am going to put the plow on. Today, I added the 500 pounds of rear ballast to my carry all. Had to use the pallet forks to place it on the carry all and then I blocked it against the front wall of the carry all with 2x4's, screwed to the floor and also tied it to the tie downs with two ratchet straps.

    I also moved all of the implements and put them in an organized order on the pallets. I placed each implement with the pallet forks so they are tight together. It will take picking them up with the pallet forks to set them out to hook up with the 3ph, but they are nicely organized and up off the ground for now. Box blade, landscape rake, drag and pallet forks on pallets, with the rear RC2048 Frontier Mower out of the elements.

    I core aerated 5.5 acres today for neighbors. Makes a real difference in the lawn quality over time.

    Tomorrow, remove the FEL and put the plow on. Load up the rear carry all with the snow blower and snow melt and the shovel. Then, get ready to use it all on Monday and Tuesday, if not more.......
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    1025R with Mauser Cab
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    John Deere 455 (New in 9/1996) / MC519 Cart /60" MMM /47" Snow Thrower / 7'3" snow plow / Quick Hitch /
    4 -42# Weights / JD#10 Cart

    ExMark Lazer Z w/60" Deck , Billy Goat Blower , Full Stable of Echo Products

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