Second of my Series 1 modifications.
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Thread: Second of my Series 1 modifications.

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    Second of my Series 1 modifications.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    I live in the coastal mountains and any flat spots on my property have buildings on them. Having said that I have gotten myself in off camber situations or just having a tire drop off an edge or into a hole. When this happens you put on the brakes ASAP. The stock differential lock requires you take your foot off the brake and use your heal to depress the differential lock. I have added a lever so I can keep my foot on the brake and use my left hand to engage the differential lock. I certainly don’t get myself into these predicaments on purpose but when it does happen the lever makes it safer to get out of them.
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    That's a nice mod, but the 1026R (and 1023E I believe) already engages the diff lock when you begin to press the brake pedal. There is only 1 braking mechanism inside the tranny, and it has to lock the differential to apply braking to both wheels.

    There is another post in subcompacts that I started when I wasn't sure. But the tech manual clearly states that it does.

    Still like that knob though, when I need a little extra traction, my foot sometimes slips off that skinny little diff lock shaft.

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    I added a RED neoprene protector over that skinny little differential lock shaft of my 1023E. Makes it easy to see and my boot heel less apt to slip off.

    But the truth be known I just use 4WD and it takes care of my traction needs..........

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