New 1025R Dealer Annonyances
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Thread: New 1025R Dealer Annonyances

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    New 1025R Dealer Annonyances

    Just picked up my 1025R TLB and I'm slightly annoyed at how bad the dealers are in my area. The dealer didn't have any on the lot so two weeks ago he told me he was ordering the 1025R TLB, 54" deck, and box blade from the factory. When it arrived it said he would swap the bucket for a 53" no problem. I drive an hour to the dealer today and it turns out the guy had one transferred in, which was a 2016 serial, had been sitting on the lot for 1-2 months, and the deck is a 2015 serial. Plus it wasn't even ready when I arrived at the time we agreed and I had to wait 30 minutes. Not the end of the world if he told me that in advance.

    I decide to take the tractor as I took off work and wasted half a day already. I confirmed with the dealer it had 53" bucket and signed the papers. I let the dealer load the tractor on my trailer and didn't give a second thought to the bucket placement. I get home pull the tractor off the trailer and then notice the tractor dash has gouges on either side. It turns out if you have the bucket tilted back and not perfectly flat the metal sides stick out and make huge gouges in your trailer wood floor.

    I called the dealer and he's going to order a new dash, so I'll have to take the tractor back to have it swapped. If I had noticed I probably would have passed on it at this point. I just now noticed that the ROPS light ubolts are rusting already. There are a few specs of rust on the loader fame, etc. Seems ridiculous that happens after a month in the weather.

    To make matters worse after testing the tractor out I measure the bucket and its only 50" across the top, so it must be the 49" bucket. I'm probably stuck with the bucket as I've scratched it up fairly good already. A positive is it does have the 12" backhoe bucket, which the dealer told me multiple times it came with the 8" and I'd need to order the 12" separately.

    Lastly the dealer plastered their logo on both sides of the hood and on both sides of the loader frame, which is a bit excessive. I need to figure out the best way to remove them as it just reminds me of this experience. It isn't just one sticker, but each letter is an individual sticker. I'm holding off posting a full tractor picture as I'm not sure I want to mention the dealer.

    On the good side I'm thrilled with how well the 4 wheel drive and low range works over my 455. I haven't gotten it stuck and the 455 would get stuck all the time in the woods with the loader on. I put 4 hours on the tractor already digging two drain lines and removing a stump. The backhoe is better than a shovel, but not as powerful as I had hoped. If the ground clay is too hard or there are any small roots even the curl won't dig through. Overall I'm sure I'll be happy with the tractor, but the dealer defiantly left a bad taste in my mouth. When I spend this kind of money I expect better.
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    My dealer sucked as well and I have no problem telling people their name is cahall brothers and avoid them at all cost!!!!!

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    It's a shame you had a bad experience with your purchase. I would try to get the bucket swapped anyway if it was on your purchase order, let them sand and paint the 49. I have a 49 and have had some squirrely moments when moving wet clay even with the BH on. 49 works fine for me. You should look fine after the dash replacement.
    Nice pics of your drainage project, you are looking like a pro!
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    That logo should come off very easily with just your fingernail. Mine did.
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    There was a long thread on here not long ago about very poor dealer experiences, which I also had initially. Hopefully your experience with your tractor will get much better, as mine did.

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    Sucks about your dealer.
    But the rusty light U bolts is a common complaint that must fall on deaf and blind JD higher ups.
    I painted mine with a black paint stick because it annoyed the heck out of me.

    Congrats though on FILB.
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    Quote Originally Posted by keane View Post
    That logo should come off very easily with just your fingernail. Mine did.
    If it doesn't, a hair dryer will help to soften it.

    I take most logos/sticker off. Clean smooth paint has better aerodynamics.
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    Sorry you had a bad experience.

    My dealer washed, waxed and even did some paint touch up on the ROPS where a speck of rust was. Then they armor-all'd the tires. I will go back to them for everything I need for the tractor with the exception of KBOH's.

    Enjoy and be safe.
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    I would ask if the had a mobile Tech that could come and swap the dash when it came in. That would save you the trouble of trailering it back.

    If they agree, I would also say have them bring a 53" bucket, I was supposed to get one and even ASKED when I was THERE. If I paid for one, I would want it, regardless if I scratched the wrong bucket. Since I thought it was a 53" when I used it.

    Your post made it sound like the loading of the tractor scratched the dash

    The latest USED tractor I bought has a dealer sticker on it. I am afraid if I remove it the paint will not match where it was, since the tractor is 11 years old.
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    Definitely get the 53 inch bucket! Your dealer should deliver it to you.
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