Use both FEL and Mower deck without having to change hydraulic lines?
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Thread: Use both FEL and Mower deck without having to change hydraulic lines?

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    Use both FEL and Mower deck without having to change hydraulic lines?

    Hi all;

    So, my tractor, new this year, can raise and lower the MMM with the joystick; it also works the FEL with the joystick - however, I didn't realize that to use the FEL and actuate the bucket I would have to disconnect the line that allows me to raise and lower the mower deck and reconnect the FEL line.

    I find myself out in the field all the time while mowing and needing to use the FEL for little things, like moving dead brush, rocks, etc and being able to actuate the FEL without having to switch the lines would be very nice. I am also wondering if I am wearing things out switching the lines so much.

    I am told there is an option that is a switch of a sort that would allow me to have a "switch" between having the joystick control one to controlling the other.

    Is this worth it? Does it have complications? I am told it will be about $500 to add - something like that -

    1025R, H120 FEL, 260 BH, 60D 7 Iron MMM, BB2048L BB, RT1149 tiller, LR2060 Rake, AP10F pallet forks
    5 acres of hilly pasture, R&B Tiltmeter #25C

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    You do have the option of changing the mower deck to be Independent Hydraulic Mower Lift using a toggle switch on your dash instead of hydraulic joystick, also you could add a 3rd scv diverter valve I think on the joystick. Someone else can correct me if I am wrong.

    Here is a link to explain a lot of it with part numbers and descriptions.
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    2014- JD 1025r
    L120 59" FEL, 260 BH, 60D MMM
    66"/54" plow with Artillian extension and rubber edge
    Artillian 36" forks
    JD 550 3PT Tiller
    54" spike aerator
    Fimco 3PT 40 gal boom sprayer
    Trac-Vac 580
    CMP 3PT 60" Dethatcher
    51" Lucknow 3PT rear snowblower
    Omni Transformer 3PT weight rack w/ 2" hitch receiver 6-42lbs weights

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    Or go to a manual lift kit. Then you can use the 3 pt hitch lever to control the deck and have full use of the loader.

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    Ive got a diverter valve on my 420 to switch loader to back hoe. There must be a smilar item to redirect 2 hydraulic lines in tandem.

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    Here's how I did mine, came in much, much cheaper than buying the jd kit.
    If your handy and have a source for hydraulics, it wasn't much trouble at all.
    2014 1025r
    R4 tires, H120 loader with QA actuator and switch, 60" auto connect with electric over hydraulic lift/diverter valve, Frontier 54" snowblower w/ custom electric chute, homemade pallet forks, JD ballast box, 53" bucket, custom built rops/light bar, homemade IMatch quick hitch, homemade hydraulic grapple, Frugal Front Backhoe

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    My 1 series came set up from the dealer with the mower deck working off the 3ph and I see no reason to change it. I can lower the deck all the way before the 3ph lowers all the way so it's pretty handy this way

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    1023e w/FEL
    Curtis cab
    54" snow blower
    36" forks
    Jd ballast box
    54" mmm
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    Tsc sub soiler ( converting it for burying electric cable )
    3pt tool bar ( project under construction )

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    MMM and FEL

    I purchased my 1025R this year also, I'm NOT knew to tractor, not even close, growing up on grandfathers Farms. I knew going into it that I would need to control each one independent and that current they control the MMM or you set it up for the joystick and it would control the MMM. I knew this so I had the dealer install the independent lift for the MMM. All I have to do is push the button about where you knee is below the steering column. Lift up the MMM and adjust the fine tune knob to what I need to do. IT doesn't effect the FEL or the 3pt hitch system. I can use either one of the FEL , 3pt and MMM and not effect either one at any time. I love the way I have my tractor set up.
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	John Deere Independent Lift.PNG 
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Name:	John Deere Independent Lift 2.PNG 
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    John Deere 2016 1025 R with R3 Turf Tires, LED Work Lights, Rear 3rd selective vavle
    60 D mower With Mulch Kit with Independent lift
    H120 Loader with AF 12 Forks
    Rear Ballast Box, Front weights 5 at 42 LBS each
    Quick I-Match with 3pt tractor receiver.
    Land Pride RB 1660 with Hydraulic angle
    Tractor Supply RT4 Tractor Line Rototiller Tarter Equipment.
    54" Quick connect Front Blade, Snow Thrower.

    Replaced 128 and 149 1970's Cub Cadets.

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    I converted my tractor from Hydraulic lift to Independent Hydraulic Lift with parts purchased from (using the GTT coupon code). Since, like you, I already had the hydraulic lift, it was only about $320 to add the Independent kit and another $40 or so for the extra hydraulic line for the power beyond (I have a backhoe so this extra line was necessary). If you're handy with a wrench and have a day to spare, you should be able to do the conversion without issue.

    Is it worth it? Completely. Are there complications? The only complication I had was figuring out how to route the hard hydraulic lines. They have a specific "fit" and it was a bit challenging figuring out how to twist and turn the lines to get them in their correct spots. I have had no issues with the system since it was installed.

    Here is psrumors's thread on converting the tractor to Independent Lift: (Post #26 is where the psrumors has pictures; I printed out his line routing pictures when I did my conversion and they immensely helped.)

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