If You Were Me - Buying Used???
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Thread: If You Were Me - Buying Used???

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    If You Were Me - Buying Used???

    I'm still trying to work out how to get my hands on a 1025 TLB.

    I'm in Hawaii, on an outer island. The best I can do on a new one here, with loader and backhoe is $23,600 plus 5% tax. And it will take 3 months to get it. I saw a 2016 online from a dealer with 11 hours on it in Washington State - not far from the port of Seattle. They want $18,500. I may be able to buy it without paying tax, since it will never be used in Washington.

    Shipping shouldn't be more than $1000 - if they are willing to drive it to the port. And maybe I could shave a little bit off the asking price to help out with the sale.

    If you were me, would you consider this as an option??? Is it worth the risk to buy - sight unseen. Or is it worth a plane flight - probably $1000 after the flight, car, hotel. Or should I just bite the bullet and buy new, with the Zero Financing option?

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    Go used, it's that simple. I got the 2520 used from Canada, sight unseen, only talked to the salesman on the phone and through email. Top rate service, sent me a hand written thank you for purchasing from them and a Christmas card this year. None of the local dealers I have dealt with for 30+ years did that.

    Here is the story on that deal: http://www.greentractortalk.com/foru...e-another.html

    I would look at some dealers in Canada on Machine Finder and take advantage of the 20% exchange rate advantage to save even more. Another kicker is that since you will let the dealer arrange shipping, the price through them will also reflect the 20% exchange rate savings. The US Customs fee is a flat rate of $250 USD and because you are exporting it from Canada, it's not subject to any VAT/sales taxes. If your state has a sales tax, you may have to settle with them, I'm in NH so we don't have sales or use taxes.

    PM me if you want to discuss details.

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    Washingtons sales tax is higher than yours.

    Buy one out of Oregon.....We have Zero sales tax and a huge group of dealers. And a port though it is slow.

    The local to Portland dealers are all Pape' now as they bought out Earnst and ficsher jd dealerships.

    Theres about 9 within 150 miles of me.....just west of PDX.

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    Talk to the dealer, have them send you a bunch of detailed pictures and perhaps a video.

    With 11 hours I'd hardly worry-abuse would have to be severe and likely quite visible to have done harm in that time, it should carry the balance of the factory warranty if anything is amiss as well.

    I'd wrap up the deal quick and get it on a boat!
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