My tractor model 2305 loader arms stuck in the up position
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Thread: My tractor model 2305 loader arms stuck in the up position

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    My tractor model 2305 loader arms stuck in the up position

    Hello, My first tractor just bought a few months ago- JD2305 year model 2005 with just 160 hours!
    Everything worked fine until today, the bucket arm is stuck in the up position. I will go up and the bucket will move up and down.
    I did recently replace a coupler because of it leaking. Could a faulty coupler cause this? I used it for about 30 minutes on a previous occasion after replacing the couple and no problems until today.
    Any advice would be appreciated.

    Oh one more, I want to take off that coupler and put the old one back on and test it, how do I do it without the pressure in the system

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    Pressure off

    A bad coupling or one that's not quite seated could cause the problem. You really only have a couple of options now. If it were me, I would find a tree or something to hang a chain and a come a long from and use that to take all the pressure off the system. Then you can reseat the coupling and see if that was the problem. Since you already changed an end, it's possible the issue is on the other side or on the tractor.

    The second way to take the pressure off is a bit dicey and certainly messy. You will have to loosen one of the fittings enough to let the oil seep out. You have to be careful with that one as the oil will be under high pressure. Wear a face shield and gloves and only loosen the fitting enough to let the oil seep out. You don't want the loader crashing down, just a slow controlled descent. You are going to have a fair amount of oil dripping out so plan on trying to catch what you can and clean up the rest. Once the loader is down and the pressure is off, remember to retighten the fitting.

    You will need to add oil back to the system.

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