Ran out of fuel on my 1023E
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Thread: Ran out of fuel on my 1023E

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    Ran out of fuel on my 1023E

    So.........here I was Wednesday afternoon, taking care of grass cutting on the property.
    All of a sudden, I hear the little Yanmar stumbling, and powering down.
    Shut her down immediately, looked at the fuel gauge, still read 1/4th full. Opened the fuel cap, pushed her back and forth sideways, nope, don't see any fuel sloshing around.
    Thought I was going to have to bleed air out of the system to get her back running. Filled up with a fresh 5 gallons, didn't come up to where I normally fill her, just below the filler neck.
    Not sure if this engine has an automatic air bleed or not, but the fuel was higher than the engine, so I was hoping gravity and physics would kick in and push the fuel back up to the injectors. Waited 1/2 hour to try, she fired right off.
    Maybe I got lucky? Figured I'd share this info anyways, in the event others might run into the same situation.
    I'll be making darned sure she's "topped-off" from here on out though.
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    While it's always a good rule to never run a diesel out of fuel, the one series has a self-bleeding injection pump. You're all set Bill.
    - Jason

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    Quote Originally Posted by dieselshadow View Post
    While it's always a good rule to never run a diesel out of fuel, the one series has a self-bleeding injection pump. You're all set Bill.
    Yup. I ran my 1025r out once and remembered reading that it was self bleeding. I filled it up and sure enough it ran great.
    Though I too will keep a closer eye on the fuel level from here on out.
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    I screwed up too

    When I first got my tractor, was so busy enjoying it, ran out of fuel. Filled it right up and it started right up. I have made all the mistakes a new guy does. learned real early that that slide out screen in front of the radiator has to be kept clean! Tractor ran hot real quick when operating my third day. Embarrassed, but I didn't think it would happen that quick.Everyday I use the rig, I pull that screen and wash it clean and hose the radiator clean every day. My rig temp has never ever gone upward again.

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