I have a really bumpy field to mow and without those handles on the rear fender, I would probably get thrown off the tractor. Last week, I hit a bump so bad that I pulled one of the handles loose. With the help of my trusty iPhone, I found that a lock nut was missing from the bolt that holds the handle on. I checked the exploded view of the fender in the parts catalog and found that the handles are mounted differently than mine. My handles have a bolt that extends from the handle, through a hole in the fender, and is secured underneath the fender with a Ny-lok style locking flange nut. The catalog shows a bolt coming from underneath the fender, through the hole, and screwing into the handle! Clearly, the way mine is installed prevents the handle from breaking, although you lose a relatively inexpensive nut when it strips and falls into the weeds. This nut (should I figure out what size it is and try to replace it) is in a very awkward location and I'm thinking that I'll either have to have a flexible nut driver OR take the rear wheel off (really dread that 'cause it's wicked heavy"). Anyone else out there have the handles mounted this way?