mower deck spindle failure
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Thread: mower deck spindle failure

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    mower deck spindle failure

    I have a 1025 with a 60" mower deck. I bought new in 2014. The Tractor has 200 hours on it and about 25 hours mowing. 2 of the spindles failed at the same time. Has anyone else had this issue?

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    Do you routinely use the deck washout port?
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    What part failed? is it a moisture problem? mine is only 3 months old no problems yet. can you get pictures? Warranty coverage? Good Luck
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    Not to add any insult to your injury here but, I have Five Seasons on my deck mowing 10(?) acres almost weekly for 6 Months. Three hours each time. Did lose a gearbox although on the deck last year. My guess is that you need to grease the spindles often. And check that gearbox! Others have stated that the spindles are long lasting.
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    54 deck on the 445. Tractor has about 1850 hours. At least 60% of that time since 1995 has been with the mower. Only replaced a few belts and blades. I shouldn't say this, but never a spindle.

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    lubricate early and often

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    60D Service intervals

    I agree with lubricating early and often. However, with 25 hours on the mower, you are right at the service interval for lubing.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	60D Service.png 
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    As others indicated, If you've been washing the deck you need to grease more frequently.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BetterThanATonka View Post
    As others indicated, If you've been washing the deck you need to grease more frequently.
    Some folks disagree with me, but I feel washing a hot mower after use with cold water will not be good for the bearings.
    It is what it is
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    I grease the spindles at 20 hours on my 72" 7 Iron deck.
    The Deere manual says every 50 hours, but I think that's too long of an interval.
    Three shots of grease in each of the 3 spindles, don't "over grease", could mess up the lower seals.

    Seldom wash the deck, but blow it off with the compressor after every use, top side and bottom side.
    Made a special long wand to easily reach the underside and hit it with 100 - 125 psi of air.
    If you do it right after mowing, underside cleans up real easy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by coaltrain View Post
    Some folks disagree with me, but I feel washing a hot mower after use with cold water will not be good for the bearings.

    Well,I beez a "folk". Technique is everything... just don't blast the spindles with the nozzle and DON'T use the wash port! The water entry via the port is not at the proper point to do the best wash job under there. Centrifugal force is your friend in the spindle area, it will counteract most of the moisture that tries to enter the seals (as long as one doesn't spray the spindles directly). Mower deck washout (NO pressure washer) has been working well for me since right around 1953.
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