1025 seat turn buckle
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Thread: 1025 seat turn buckle

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    1025 seat turn buckle

    Have read in previous threads that this piece is a common problem. It's the shaft under the seat that's has a spring on each end an a fitting on each end that has a ball bearing that is bored and threaded. Just got my tractor back from a warrenty issue(steering tie rod rubber boot replacement). Had to use the backhoe and noticed that swinging the seat didn't do the seat raise. Looked underneath and this linkage piece was tied to the base on one end but other end was tied to nothing. Has them replace my seat because they cut it after last new tractor dealer issue. Dealer is now charging transport fee for any warrenty issue. After the boot repair, I said," why do I have to pay for transport on a new machine with a Deere Problem!,,,). Long story short, transport fee is on me for the next two years for warrenty issues. Want to get this fixed but it might be cheaper for me to order the part and do it myself. Wanted to fix the boot but dealer said if I do it myself, I void the warrenty. Wish I noted the seat issue on drop off, I would have told them take it back. Getting real sick of these minor problems on a new machine that costs me money to get fixed! If some one has been thru the seat reapair re: turn buckle, would appreciate. Ready to go down there and literally kick someone in the ass! Brand new machine and a lot of minor problems. The steering knuckle repair took 8 days!!!!! Covered under warrenty but banged again for the flatbed transport!!! Love owning the John Deere but venting a bit and sick of factory problems costing me money and a missing tractor for weeks! Don't want to cause an adversarial relationship with dealer but debating wether to go there cause a f$&ng riot!
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    Do you or a friend have a trailer? When I had trouble with my 420 I hauled it in myself. A good friend is one with a small trailer. Leave all attachments at home take only what you need.
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    To be honest i'm quite surprised they have been picking up your tractor in the first place.
    When i bought mine from Central Jersey it was made quite clear that i was responsible for getting tractor to them for warranty work. They delivered it for free is all.
    I can't think of much of anything that gets picked up and delivered free every time it needs warranty work.
    Bummer about your issues though.
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    Sorry you are having issues. I fixed my own seat (out of warranty). If the dealer will accept it, just take the seat off and take it back to them for the repair under warranty. They don't need the whole tractor. See this tread (Last post)


    good luck. Dennis
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    I broke mine too. I talked to the service manager and showed him the parts. It was hardly worth the time and effort to take the tractor up (on my dime ($50)) just to replace the seat linkage. I had the old style on mine and they replaced it with the new style. They ordered the part and didn't charge me, I installed it myself. It did require a little modification to the seat base in order to use the new setup. It wasn't hard but did require some measuring (1/2" increments in two spots) , drilling a 1/4" hole at the location and the removal of some of the seat base material with a die grinder. They include a blueprint/diagram on what to do and where to make the mod. Pick the drawing that matches your seat base (there are two) and make two measurements for centering of the 1/4" drill-bit.

    Not hard stuff but I figured the 30 minutes it took me to retrieve the part and do the seat mod was worth not spending the $50 to haul the machine up for warranty work.

    BTW, you can still use the seat without the linkage rod. You have to lift up as you rotate to hoe position and slide it forward (which will bring it down) when you rotate it back to driving position. If you can suffer through that inconvenience you may find it more cost effective to have the tractor hauled in for a list of work rather than every nickle and dime item.
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