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Thread: Newbie Ballast Question

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    Newbie Ballast Question

    Just bought a new 1025R with loader and will be putting a 60" back blade on it for snow removal! Is this enough rear ballast or should I add weights to the back blade?

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    Welcome to GTT!

    Ballast is a dynamic thing. You need to be able to change your ballast for the task at hand. For example, if you're using your loader, you need quite a bit of rear ballast. Loaded tires, wheel weights, and something hanging off the 3PH is needed to realize the best stability, traction, and use of the front loader. Anything less would cause undue stress on the front axle, less stability (think possible tip-over due to most of the weight sitting on the front axle pivot bolt which makes the tractor "tippy") and easily lift the rear of tractor off the ground when attempting to lift heavier weights on the loader. If you're using the rear blade only, the empty loader may be plenty of front ballast.

    There is no "one ballast for all tasks." Having your rear tires loaded and equipped with wheel weights would be a great start for almost any task. You will need more ballast for specific tasks. I have my rear tires loaded and it has proven to be very useful even for mowing duties.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lyle Knight View Post
    Just bought a new 1025R with loader and will be putting a 60" back blade on it for snow removal! Is this enough rear ballast or should I add weights to the back blade?
    The owner's manual for your H120 loader will have a table that lists the ballast requirements.

    If your 60" rear blade weighs around 650 lbs you should be fine. :-)
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