Going To Buy a 1025r, Need Help Deciding on Backhoe...
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Thread: Going To Buy a 1025r, Need Help Deciding on Backhoe...

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    Going To Buy a 1025r, Need Help Deciding on Backhoe...

    Howdy gang! I have been researching SCUT and small CUT tractors over the last month, which led me to GTT. I've found a wealth of info, and feel that I am better informed as to my upcoming purchase. I currently have a 420 and a 430 JD in my stable. The 420 is in great shape, but is getting older, and I've found a need for a tractor with a front end loader. As such, I've pretty well decided on a new 1025r with the H120 loader, a 60D Auto Connect MMM, iMatch hitch and a 647 tiller. The thing I'm having trouble with is deciding if I should spring for the extra $4500 for the backhoe equipped unit. The 420 has pretty well been relegated to tiller duty (setup with the three point hitch, rear PTO and a 48 PTO tiller). I currently have 2 acres, all flat except for the ditches along the highway, and spend most of my time mowing. That said, I have the 430 setup with a 60"mmm, and I have an older Walker front mount that mows the "nice" yards around the house. I have about half a dozen projects planned where the backhoe would be the perfect tool for the job. I was wanting to know if anyone here that bought a TLB unit regretted spending the extra on the backhoe? I know I can rent a mini excavator for about $250 per day around these parts, so 10 jobs would pay for over half of the backhoe purchase price. I enjoy spending time on my other equipment, and find it relaxing, so not too concerned about taking longer to use the small hoe. Thanks for any input, and I look forward to contributing to the forum!
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    Well, it kind of sounds like you have already rationalized half the back hoe expense with up coming projects. Other costs to think about is the time and expense involved with picking up the rental equipment and then returning it. It adds up. Next is availability of rental equipment. Lastly and most importantly, is the frustration of having to repair rental equipment or having to deal with something well used and worn out. So those reasons should go along ways towards the other half.
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    Quote Originally Posted by match View Post
    I have about half a dozen projects planned where the backhoe would be the perfect tool for the job. I was wanting to know if anyone here that bought a TLB unit regretted spending the extra on the backhoe? I know I can rent a mini excavator for about $250 per day around these parts, so 10 jobs would pay for over half of the backhoe purchase price.
    I don't know how your projects go but if I had half a dozen projects that could use the hoe, that would be about 15 days of rental, more or less! Lol!!! Plus the hassle of going to pick up the mini excavator every time I wanted to use it.

    I bought the tlb and have used my backhoe exactly three times. I don't regret it at all. You gotta do what works for you though.

    Sounds like you've got a good amount of projects already and I'm guessing you'll find plenty more.


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    The backhoe will never be cheaper than taking advantage of the zero finance unless you somehow manage to find a well cared for 260 used and complete (rare). Part of my rationalization was that it would stimulate greater interest if I ever had to sell the tractor. I have found it to be a very interesting thing to operate and cash permitting, I have many feet of drain tile needed in my yard. I think it will be good to get better at operating the 260 than renting one unit one time and then another unit some other time. I have relatively clay soil with few rocks and it has no problem at all taking full bites. Medium and up tree stump removal will require a very large excavation and likely root sawing and take a lot of time though. Added bonus is it makes about the sexiest ballast that can be hung back there!
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    No regrets here, it has been indispensable The rentals around here are for an 8 hour day for a JD 110 are closer to $500....easier to justify, clearly.
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    When my wife and I were making the tractor purchase, "I" wanted the backhoe because:

    1. It looked cool on the tractor. Yes, I admit my number one reason for wanting it was because it looks cool.
    2. I could use it to dig up the stumps from the fallen trees at the cabin.

    My wife wanted the backhoe for the tractor because:

    1. She didn't want to buy a tractor and then later have me lament "I should have just bought the backhoe..."
    2. Zero percent financing when purchased with the tractor.
    3. It is all one complete unit from the factory.

    If it's something you're considering now, it's much better to take the plunge now rather than add it in later. It's a specialized digging tool, but it's a godsend when you need to dig. This spring/summer I have to trench in a larger propane line and run power out to the detached garage. I would dread the projects if I had to use a shovel but at this point I'm waiting for the ground to thaw so I can go out and play.
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    We are happy to help you spend your money

    I bought the TLB about a year ago and have never even thought of regretting it.
    I like having the hoe available whenever I decide I want to use it instead of having to schedule a rental and then working non-stop the entire term to "get my money's worth".
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    I replaced my 420 last July with a 1025r. I chose not to get backhoe. Thought long and hard about it but living here 25 years and not doing any real digging projects the past 10 years and being a 63 yr old big guy don't see any digging in my future. The one tHing I wanted to suggest to you is get the 53" bucket on front. It's the best 50$ upgrade going. You will see a lot of the 420 & 430 in the 1025. My420 moved to my sons house and they love it. Good Luck
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    Read my signature . I purchased my tractor without the backhoe because of the added cost . Regretted it and paid higher cost to add it later . Just my .02 . Good Luck .
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    Never once regretting getting factory installed backhoe. I love that thing.
    It doesn't get used all the time but it's there when i need it. And as you get older two joysticks feel better than one wooden no joy stick.
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