post driver for subcompact?
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Thread: post driver for subcompact?

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    post driver for subcompact?

    Anybody know if any of the post drivers (shaver hd8 for example) are compatible with a 1025R?
    Reading the specs, it seems like the 1025's power beyond can supply the required hydraulic flow,
    and the weight is within the limits of the 1025's 3 point, but has anyone done it? Not particularly
    interested in being a guinea pig for $2500+, and my dealer tells me its much too large...

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    I think it's to big and the tractor doesn't weigh enough. Like the tail wagging the dog so to speak.

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    Believe the dealer

    We have an old driver on an IH784 and I wouldn't want to put it on my 790. While the 790 might have enough hydraulic flow, the driver imparts a heck of a whack to the post and consequently there's a lot of vibration coming back through the tractor. I could see it potentially breaking a CAT 0 lift arm. I'm also not sure the 790 or a SCUT would have the hydraulic reservoir or the port to accept the exhaust flow coming out of the driver. The driver is also fairly heavy and needs a certain lift height on the 3ph to transport the or fit over a post. I'd trust your dealer on this one.

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