New 1023e overheating
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Thread: New 1023e overheating

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    New 1023e overheating

    I just bought a new 1023e tractor a few days ago. Today was the first day that I got to put it to the test. Used my bucket for moving limbs and piling them up. Did that for about 3hrs all in all pretty light work. I did not have any issues with overheating and the tractor performed great. I decided to mow some of the taller grass that I did not get to before last fall because my mower had a bearing go out. The grass was not really that tall also pretty thin and the grass was dead since it is February so easy to mow. After about 30 to 45 min I get engine overheating warning so I shut it down. It had a little debris on the filter in front of the radiator to took out screen and cleaned it also knocked a little grass off of the outside of the front of tractor. Could here what sounded like bubbling from the radiator. tStarted back up set to the correct rpm for mowing and 15 mins later overheated. Water level and coolant is fine Turned it off for a min then started back up still hot lowered rpms to lowest and let idle. After about 30 seconds the gauge started going down pretty fast like the thermostat opened up so I though it may be sticking. It's been mid 70's today and going to be mid 60's tomorrow and I'm going to try it again tomorrow but there should not be an overheating issue expecially in this cool weather. Has anyone else had an issue like this tractor has 4 hrs on it.
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    Could have been just a stuck thermostat , especially since you cleaned the debris from the radiator screen . Keep us posted on what happens tomorrow when you run it again .

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    If the grill screen gets semi blocked, the engine will overheat. I check mine often when mowing tall grass or picking up leaves.
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    Check under the deck and make sure nothing has wrapped around the blades that could be causing enough drag to cause the engine to overheat. It's happened to me a couple times over the years.
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    If it keeps happening and you don't see a reason I'd let the dealer take care of it.
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    Welcome from Preston County, West Virginia

    Next time you go to use , check the coolant level in overflow and radiator before starting . Just to make sure it is OK.

    I'm with you and I think Levi, a stuck thermostat and it opened up.

    Another thought running tractor at 3200 RPM, so how fast were you running and were you in Low or High.

    One time I mowed for 3-4 hrs in tall grass and had mine to over heat.. I kept thinking I needed to stop and clear front and screen in front of transmission cooler . When it happened mower shut down ,,now what . So I set tractor to idle ,got off .cleaned off outer grill, raised the hood and cleaned the small screen , like you a few seconds later temp gauge started lowering.
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    Have fun and be safe !!!
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    Hi there,

    Just an add to the good advice from others...if your temp is ever getting too high, do NOT shut the engine off (unless it is basically coming apart).

    You are much better off stopping, reducing engine to idle, clear the debris screen on the radiator and let it idle while it cools down. Shutting off an overheating engine can create serious hot-spots in parts of the engine as the coolant stops circulating. They will actually tell you to always let a diesel cool down at a lower rpm after you've been working it hard.

    As others said, before you start it next time take off the radiator cap and make sure it's full, and make sure the overflow bottle is full. If your cutting deep grass, stop occasionally to clean the radiator screen. I only mow in low gear.

    Let us know it goes,

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    I carry a battery operated leaf blower with me on the tractor when I mow. If I see the temp gauge start to go up, I reduce the throttle to idle and disengage the PTO to remove the load. Then I get off the tractor (with it still running) and blow the front grill completely clean and then do the same for the radiator filter screen. By the time I get back on the tractor, the temp is already coming back down. As soon as it's "normal" I resume mowing.
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    Most diesels I have run are "cooling system limited",,
    meaning the engine can supply more power than the cooling system can dissipate the resultant heat.

    I like the idea of something possibly wrapped around a spindle,,
    resulting in too much load on the engine.

    I almost think they design the radiators small,, so the engine is not overloaded.
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    The 1 series and pretty much all tractors have more than plenty cooling capacity. Overheating is almost always a radiator blockage issue. With the tractor being this new, it could be a mechanical issue with the engine such as a bad thermostat or even the water pump. Most likely with the dead grass, it's plugging the radiator. Use a leaf blower to blow the radiator out from the engine side towards the front to dislodge the grass. The removable screen should have the vast majority of it. The grill will also catch a lot of the debris. If you notice your tractor is growing a "beard", watch your temp gauge and clean your screens often.
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