1025r front tires - adequate???
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Thread: 1025r front tires - adequate???

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    1025r front tires - adequate???

    I've been using my new 1025r a lot - and enjoying it. I don't ever want to live without a tractor again. I only wish I would have made the move about 40 yrs ago.

    I'm carrying some loads in the FEL that must be close to maximum. I have a backhoe and wheel weights, so my back wheels are always on the ground - even when going slightly downhill.

    However, when in four wheel drive, and headed downhill, and making a real tight turn, the front tires look as if they are really hating life. It looks as if there is a tremendous amount of weight on the one downhill front tire when turning. And with only 22 psi - it looks as if it could roll right off the rim.

    Are there replacement tires that would be better than the stock ones? Or is that just the way things are supposed to be?
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    When going down hill with loader full that is not unusual just be very careful. Carry it low and try not to turn sharp. If you would hit a low spot on one side it doesn't take long to have a rollover. Even with the proper ballest. Good luck and be safe
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    I have thought the same thing over the yrs. but i have yet to roll one off the rim. nor bust a bead. have had a flat tire (on front) due to a nail. if u want u could probably add a couple of pounds of air, when u carrying a really big load-i guess. that might make u fell better. aw-yeah i've had my 2520 for 10 yrs too.
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    Check section 15 of your loader manual. When using the FEL, the front tire pressure on the 1025r should be increased to 26 psi. The pressure increase makes a noticeable difference when using the FEL.

    Inflate regular tires to pressure recommended for heavy front-mounted equipment.
    Inflate 4-WD tires 27.6 kPa (0.3 bar) (4 psi) above pressure recommended for heavy front-mounted equipment.
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    If you've ever changed one of those small tires they are a P.I.T.A to break the bead.As stated above increase the pressure and if you mow with it remember to lower it back so you deck won't be off.
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    pump em up...they'll take it. if you can put 40lbs of air in a junk passenger car tire...these should handle 30lbs of air.

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    When a situation like this presents itself, I will back down the hill and make the turn.

    Also when in 4WD I never make a really tight turn - just too much torque getting built up in the front end especially when goinwg downhill and the front tires don't have as much chance of slipping.

    Just my way of doing things - I don't baby my tractor and use it, but I will never be able to afford another one so little things like this will help with its longevity.
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    I run 30psi in my 1025R front tires.
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    My IH 584 is much bigger,, but, the tire construction must be similar.
    When I know the loader is going to be near capacity,,
    I pump the tires to 40 PSI, and do it with no fear.

    Heck,, tissue thin bike tires use 90 PSI,,,
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