Spring / Summer Plans
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Thread: Spring / Summer Plans

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    Spring / Summer Plans

    So with Spring and Summer coming up quickly. What is your plans with your Sub Compact?

    For me I have a swing set I'm going to build this year using a 12" post hole digger and front forks to lift the beam for the swings.
    Removing dirt ( i should say CLAY) from the front yard then moving it to the side of the house to build up that settled dirt.
    Moving new top soil in place of removed clay.
    Using a sub soiler to install a irrigation system. Once that is installed laying about 1000 sq ft of SOD.
    This all completed by JUNE

    Then repairing a wooden fence and using the 6" post hole digger and putting them deep enough for frost wont touch them. in the second part of SUMMER.

    So as you can see my relaxing summer is already SHOT. Then again I'm going to be relaxing because I'm making the tractor do the work. NOT ME.

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    Quick I-Match with 3pt tractor receiver.
    Land Pride RB 1660 with Hydraulic angle
    Tractor Supply RT4 Tractor Line Rototiller Tarter Equipment.
    54" Quick connect Front Blade, Snow Thrower.

    Replaced 128 and 149 1970's Cub Cadets.

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    I'm still in winter project mode.
    1026R -- 60D mmm -- H120 Loader -- Curtis 150 Tiller -- DR 3 point Chipper -- Howse Middle Buster -- Brinly 16 Blade Disk -- Kodiak 5' Box Blade -- 12-42 lb. suitcase weights -- Lawn roller -- Upgraded seat springs from psrumors -- Kennyd's bolt on hooks & clevis -- BXpanded tooth bar -- CMI 6' wagon -- Heavy Hitch Cultivator /garden bedder / hiller attachments --

    Donated by some great people/vendors on here: 72 lb. wheel weights -- Bro-Tek 1½" rear wheel spacers.
    NRA Life Member

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    I fixed last years "list" pretty easy. I just sold the darn house!

    In a week we get possession of our new house.

    If I wrote out a list it would eat the sammich thread!

    The "key" factor is what the wife puts on "the list".
    Taking the easy way is what makes rivers and men crooked.

    3039R, H160 FEL, 375A Backhoe, Artillian Grapple & Forks

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    You have a busy summer planned. You must be a young man. At my age and health i plan out ahead about two weeks. I have alot of things to do we will see what gets done. If i made a list like you and and itt did not get done my wife would raise hell. No list no a** chewing. Good Luck
    2018 2038R 220R FEL, 72" Mower, Radial tires, wheel spacers, dual rear SVCs, CtA grapple, single point for FEL, 60" broom with front hitch;2018 1025R 54"auto connect, HDAP tires, Quick Hitch, Ballast Box, Etc...;1967 1020 3cylinder gas, #47 FEL, 72" Landpride Grooming Mower, 6ft box blade, For Sale(no Hurry); life Member NRA since 1974

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    Sounds very ambitious . Obviously you already know that if we don't see pics , it didn't happen !!! Keep us posted and have fun on your list .
    2016 1025R SILB (Self Installed Loader Backhoe)
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    JD Imatch
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    Fimco 40 gal. 3 pt. sprayer
    Blue Hawk (?) Plug Aerator

    2016 x580
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    Jeff's LED Taillights
    JD Mulch Kit
    42 Hyd. Tiller

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    Next spell of decent weather I need to refurbish the 5' deck for the 755 I bought last fall.

    Restore the 4' deck & 4" front blade for PK.

    Attend as many tractor shows as I can!
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    Quote Originally Posted by grnspot110 View Post
    Attend as many tractor shows as I can!
    That's the only list anybody needs!

    I will need to use the 1026R for the normal tasks of mowing and brush hogging. I will also be rebuilding and possibly relocating a couple of our raised beds, definitely FEL work there. That's the immediate stuff that comes to mind
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    2011 JD 1026R - w/60" NON-AutoConnect MMM, FEL w/WR Long Toothbar, 47" Front Mount Snowblower, 54" Front Mount Blade w/ Rubber Edge, 48" KingKutter Tiller & Brush Hog, CountyLine Carry All and CountyLine 60" Rear Blade, Pat's EZ-Change Quick Hitch System
    1990 JD 185 - 46"MMM w/Power Flow Bagger

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    Outside of the standard tilling and putting in the garden, and the regular pasture mowings, I have one project for this spring.

    Out in the pasture, we have a large pile of dirt. Not being able to mow over the top of it, it has become overgrown with weeds and small trees over the past couple years. I need to get a tooth bar of some sort for the loader bucket and dig the overgrowth off of the pile and get it back down to dirt.

    In the meantime, it looks like there might be some snow removal in my near future (this weekend) here in middle Nebraska...
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    JD 1025r; H120 loader; Howse 48" rotary cutter; Deere 647 tiller; County Line post hole digger; County Line middle buster; County Line carry-all; Ford 5' 3-point blade; Heavy Hitch receiver hitch/weight bracket; Heavy Hitch tooth bar; Titan pallet forks; Ken's bolt-on hooks.

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    I am going to put a lean-to on my garage to help keep stuff out of the weather. Going to use the 1025 with the forks to help lift everything and take the stress out of having a helper. Also need to clean up my growing pile of yard debris, planning on turning it over again and adding it to one of the gardens. I have to dig out a base for my greenhouse to make it permanent, ummm....

    2019 2025R, H120 Loader, 260b Backhoe, 47 QH Snow BLower, EL23 Kuhn Tiller, I-match, Heavy Hitch and misc. attachments

    2016 X758, 54" HC mower, Quick Hitch, 60" blade, 3 pt hitch

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    Redo the beds around the house and maybe make an area for a fire pit in the back yard. We'll see where it goes from there.
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    2017 John Deere 1025R, 54" Deck, 47" Snowblower, Boom Pole, King Kutter 30" Dirt Scoop, King Kutter Carry all, 4' back blade, Fimco 25 gallon 7 nozzle boom sprayer, JD 3rd SCV with hydraulic top link, Mott Flail Mower (borrowed from my brother)

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