Problem with blast cabinet
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Thread: Problem with blast cabinet

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    Problem with blast cabinet

    I have a small sand-blast cabinet that I've had a long time but hadn't used in years. Recently wanted to use it on a project but could not get it to pick up the abrasive material. I've taken the pick-up tube out and checked it and could find nothing wrong with it, clear and not plugged up. Checked the seals and orifice in the gun and all looks good. The gun works by siphon, if I take the material hose off of the gun and put my finger over the hole for it while pulling the trigger I can feel a slight vacuum, not sure how much is enough, but it will not pick up material. All I get thru the gun is air.

    Last time I used it was working fine but was some time ago. There is not much to this thing so it's not rocket science, the problem about has to be either the pick-up tube or the gun but I can't see anything obvious with either. Open to ideas.
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    Try cutting the pressure to it. Mine works best around 90 pounds. To much and it builds to much pressure and the pushes back down the intake tube killing the vacuum. Sometimes how far the output nozzle is in or out of the Gun makes a difference as well.

    Good luck.
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    Have you physically cleared the suction path to the media?

    I had some moisture get into mine and it turned the glass into a cake in the bottom of the cabinet (where the pickup is located on mine). I vacuumed it all out and then cleaned up the parts before adding fresh media again. That's all it took for me.
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