Stihl blowers, BR600 vs BR700
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Thread: Stihl blowers, BR600 vs BR700

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    Stihl blowers, BR600 vs BR700

    Wondering if anyone has any hands on experience using the Stihl BR600 and also the new BR700?

    I used my father in law's BR600 in fall of 2016 since I didn't want to pull the trigger on one of my own. It worked great for the season and did everything I asked of it. Some were wet some were dry.

    I was considering the BR700 since it's more fuel efficient, moves more air, and has that nice adjustment for the tube length and trigger, which is nice for us tall guys. despite it being out for nearly 2 years there aren't a lot of discussions or reviews on it. The dealer said if I'm moving leaves from flower beds and other tighter spots and not wide open then go 600. If it's more wide open 700.

    Anyone use both that can provide feedback?

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    I had a BR600 for probably 7-8 years. Worked great and I did put it to the test. When the BR700 came out I bought one. It is more fuel efficient and marginally more powerful than the BR600. The BR700 has the revised fan & housing as well as the adjustable length blower tube that you mentioned.

    The BR600 didn't owe me a nickel and I sold it in two hours on Craigslist for a very good buck. Either way you can't go wrong.
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    There are several comparison videos on youtube demonstrating these two. I have only run my 600 and I feel if you have an average property and are using non commercially then it is plenty good for the task. From what I have seen the higher volume of the 700 is an advantage moving large quantities of leaves in open areas.
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    I have the 700, love it. Even better is that my daughters fight over who gets to use it although, the 11yo gets blown around a bit using it, pretty funny actually. The CFM is what really moves debris.

    Is it as powerful as a wheeled walk-behind like a Little Wonder? Nope, but it's a whole lot easier to maneuver in tight areas than one of those. (Ask me I know, I have both, as does Frank)

    Use Moto-mix when you get it, I still think the double the warranty if you use that is still in effect.
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