Aerator Tine Cleanng Tool
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Thread: Aerator Tine Cleanng Tool

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    Aerator Tine Cleanng Tool

    With a lot of clay in my soil, I have to clean my aerator tines between uses. The dried clay plug left in the tine from the previous use won't necessarily be cleared by moist soil during the next aeration.

    I use a screwdriver to push the remaining plug through in the normal direction and scrape the inside of the tine. Sometimes that approach doesn't work, and it's easier to bring the plug out by breaking it up or pushing from the back of the tine, especially if a rock about the same size of the tine opening is lodged in the end. I have a lot of rocks and I see a few of these each time I clean it. I also inspect each tine as I do this cleaning. I'm very impressed the the Everything Attachments tines. With all the rocks and a 650 lb. aerator, I've yet to see any damage to a tine.

    So I started to look around for a tool that would suit the purpose for cleaning the tines from the back end. I didn't find anything that met all the right dimensions, so I decided to build my own.

    I started with a Nicholson universal handle. For the business end of the tool, I bent and cut a landscaping pin to the right dimensions for the tine. (I think I bought my last batch of landscaping pins at Home Depot.) After filing the end of the tool flat, I used a triangular file to cut a cross in the end. This provides some sharp edges that can break up the plug when the tool is rotated. The handle holds the tool very securely and is very comfortable in my hand. I also plan to use the handle when I have a lot of filing to do. It is very easy to change out tools in the handle.

    If you intend to build one of these tools, the pin is inserted into the handle 2.5 inches. The rest will depend on your tine's dimensions. If you have the EA tines and aren't comfortable with eyeballing it, I will gladly provide dimensions.

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    That's a good idea,I have clay soil too.The other problem is small stones that get caught once in awhile,they wedge themselves in there good sometimes.
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    Shoot, I use a cordless drill and bit just smaller than the hole.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NEWT View Post
    Shoot, I use a cordless drill and bit just smaller than the hole.
    Yep, and if you get a cement bit you will have wings on the end that would really do a job on getting things out of it.
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