LED Flashlights, Do You Have A Recommendation?
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Thread: LED Flashlights, Do You Have A Recommendation?

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    LED Flashlights, Do You Have A Recommendation?

    I have lived with Maglite "D" cell LED flashlights since they came out.

    LED was a game-changer,, the batteries seemed to last until their expiration date,,,
    rather than as long as they could power the old filament light-bulb.

    The Maglite was simply a drop-in of the LED bulb, so, the light is no where as bright as it could be.
    It is great for working under the hood of the truck, but, not powerful enough to shine across a field.

    I am looking for a game spotter light, with a 70-100 yard range.

    MANY new flashlights are out now,, heck, I have seen forums where they discuss >$200 lights!!

    For the heck of it, I ordered one of the new-fangled LED flashlights from Amazon in my price range ,,, $7.

    It is easily 2X if not 3X as powerful as the 3D cell Maglite.
    I was amazed.
    It is inexpensively made,, charges by plugging in my phone charger,,,
    It came with zero instructions,, the light seems to have 4 intensity levels,
    and it will rapidly flash at any level.

    So, I was wondering,, is there a "good" quality light,, at a mid price point?

    $7, was a nice price to prove there is a possibility,,
    I can not spend multiple hundreds of dollars for a flashlight.
    (it is a mental block,, a flashlight should not cost that much!!)

    What do you recommend??
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    I have had great luck with the Coast / LED Lenser brand, now doing a google search it appears the LED Lenser part might have been sold of to Leatherman so I am unsure if the quality is the same. Many co-workers have these also. Home Depot sells them...



    I have two of the older version of this (or maybe the PX25): https://coastportland.com/product/g45/
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    I second the vote for Coast flashlights. I have 2 of them, mine run on 4 AA batteries, love em. Also have one of their headlamps, very nicely built and well priced.

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    The real game changer...
    11 - 25 hours of run-time depending on battery amp hour.

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    I carry a streamlight stylus pro led flash light. I buy them on amazon for around $20.00 I think. I like that if clips right to my pocket. Good amount of light for its size. Not sure how it would work in your specified application though.
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    Didn't buy it myself, the ads on TV, etc, sound real cheesy, but a relative gave me one for fixing her computer.
    I never accept money for helping friends and relatives, but she ordered one for me and insisted I take it.

    I want to tell you this little 3 AAA battery sucker will flat out kick butt, don't know how long it will hold up, but very impressive
    light output for its' size, seems to be built real rugged.

    It's one of those little *Atomic Beam* flashlights.

    Don't point it at your face and turn it on to see how bright it is..............

    It outdoes my old 2 D cell LED focusable Maglite and my old 3 D cell focusable incandescent Maglite.
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    I have been carrying a Fenix E12 130 lumen flashlight 24/7 for over two years now. This light is true pocket size and uses one AA battery. I use the eneloop rechargeable batteries and they last for several weeks before recharging is necessary.


    Light output is more than required for my usual nighttime environment. If I'm going coon hunting, I opt for a larger light.
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    Also a die hard MagLite user, I finally tried one of these new little LED lights. There are so many on the market that I just didn't know what to choose to try. So while at WalMart one day I bought one of their Ozark Trail brand lights.


    Man oh man - 250 lumens is bright! I have this one on my desk and use it for inside computer cases and stuff like that. At first I thought it was going to be too bright but it seems just right now. It has a nice aluminum case with ridges to help hold on to it. Also has O-rings in the screw in end caps.

    I'm going to get the 350 lumen one to keep downstairs to check for bears before letting Jake out at night (on a cable so he doesn't run off into the dark).


    What I like about the 350 lumen model is the switch on the barrel instead of in the end cap.

    I expect either one to last the rest of my life. But I don't know about them shining across the field. For that I use my heavy rechargable LED 555 lumen spot light - amazing!


    Edit to add - I will certainly be checking my batteries in these little flashlights often.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Gizmo2 View Post
    The real game changer...
    11 - 25 hours of run-time depending on battery amp hour.

    I have that same light and it is amazing. My daughter and SIL live on the property right next to us. Their house is about 1000 feet from us and just for fun at night when I take the dogs out at 10 I like to light up their house with my Dewalt. ( they go to bed at 9) my daughter calls me a creeper for some reason.
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    Fenix lights the ones that use the 18650 seem to hold the longest charge for me.

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