Echo PB-250LN leaf blower faulty ignition coil
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Thread: Echo PB-250LN leaf blower faulty ignition coil

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    Echo PB-250LN leaf blower faulty ignition coil

    I have a 4-year old Echo PB-250LN leaf blower that has always started with 1-2 pulls and ran like a top. The other day after using it for 5-10 minutes it just shut off like you hit the kill switch. I checked the usual things and everything seemed fine. I checked for spark and no spark. Changed plugs, same - no spark.

    It was late in the day so I decided to wait until the next day to check it out further. Next morning it started right up, ran for about 2 minutes and then shut off like you hit the kill switch. Again, no spark. I let it sit overnight again and the next morning it started right up but again lost spark after a few minutes. I did a few searches on-line and found that the ignition coil is the prime culprit on these engines. A new coil is $71. I only paid $150 for the blower. While looking for info on the Echo website I saw something about a 5-year warranty. So I dug out my manual and what do you know I saved the receipt and I still have 1 year of warranty remaining.

    How often does THAT happen? (My stuff usually fails a few months out of warranty)

    So I dropped it off at the nearest authorized Echo service center and 4 days later I had it back working like new, with a new ignition coil - totally covered under warranty.

    I really like this blower. It's a low-end unit but for the money it is powerful, quiet and starts easily. I would buy another one.
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    boy-jgayman u really lucked out on that repair for sure. me-it would of been one day out of warranty

    glad it's all back and working again. pays to save them receipts-huh. well my wife does all that
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    I have the same model Echo blower and like it. A few years ago it got harder and harder to start, and after starting would not rev up properly. but it did have spark. I wanted to try adjusting the carbs, but the adjustment screw was sealed under a plastic plug to prevent access. After drilling out the plastic plug, I found it used a special screwdriver. When searching on line for the screwdriver, I cam across a new carburetor for around $10 on ebay. I bought and installed it, and for the past 3 or so years it has started first or second pull, like it did when new.

    BTW, there's a new coil on ebay right now for $39.95 including shipping, and a new carb for $10.98, also including shipping. A new carb plus the maintenance kit is $15.95
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    jgayman, nice to see a warranty pay off for once.

    Low end or not, Echo, IMO, makes a pretty darn good product. I have the smaller cc ES-210. I bought it used, but it was practically new in 2010. The only issue I've had over the last 7 years, is from the dreaded Ethanol gas. Like RetiredDoc, I bought a new carb off of Ebay. I have so many different pieces of 2 stroke equipment, I just got sick and tired of constant problems related to fuel. I've been using Ethanol free 2 stroke premix in all of them for the last 3 years. No problems with anything so far.
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