Lincoln 140-125-Hobart EZ or 140?
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Thread: Lincoln 140-125-Hobart EZ or 140?

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    Lincoln 140-125-Hobart EZ or 140?

    Need an opinion. I want to get a welder. I don't see much need for any MIG so flux core wire ok. I have no specific use other than to screw around with it in my spare time. I was leaning towards the Hobart 140 but then decided I don't need the extra expense of gas when I have no use for it. Then I like the Lincoln 140 because it has the extra power to take me up to a full 1/4" in one pass, I believe. I will probably never weld anything heavier than 1/8" but the extra power is good to have.

    I really know nothing about this stuff. Only welded one time, 20 years ago with a junk stick welder on a small job to help a guy out. Any suggestion on equipment for just screwing around with for now. Maybe some 1/8" fab. projects around my barn or a deck repair or two & that would be about the extent of my welding.

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    I'm sure the many experienced welders here will chime in soon. My take on this is that 3 years ago I could have posted almost exactly the same question, with the same plans. I decided then on a Millermatic 211, and am happy I did.

    I was fascinated by the ease of flux core wire, but have since gone to shielding gas. I've added a dedicated 50A welder electrical outlet, ontained a welding table, and found that I am welding thicker steel than I origianlly planned.
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    I don't use flux-core, it's too messy for my liking. I think both makes/models are pretty equal, but you might consider a MIG capable machine even if you don't think you want it now. Also consider what your LWS (local welding store) carries for when you need consumables.
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