MoJack Pro with X585
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Thread: MoJack Pro with X585

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    MoJack Pro with X585

    Hello. Have any of y'all used a MoJack Pro with an X585? Mine has an 18" tire on the front and they only talk about a 17" on their site. I know it will work with my other two but not sure on the X585. Thanks
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    I don't have one so I can't speak to that. Why are you looking at doing this? Changing the blades on the mower?

    My concern is that the front is a lot heavier on a tractor than a Zero Turn where I think these were designed. My Z950R is a big mower but it isn't that heavy as all the weight is in the back. I would just drive my X585 up on my 4 post 10K hoist to do the blades. I retired it from mowing though. Now I use the FEL to lift the front of the Z950R and put jack stands under it. You could do the same with the FEL on your bigger machine to lift the front of the X585. Just don't trust the hydraulics if you are under there working.

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