Very Much a Long Shot....
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Thread: Very Much a Long Shot....

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    Very Much a Long Shot....

    Hello All!

    Hoping someone can assist.

    For prolly the past 10 years i have been scouring the internet trying to locate one of my fathers favorite coffee mugs of all time.

    I don't have a very good description or a picture of the mug... but i'm hoping it rings a bell to someone and i can get some information.

    It was a white background coffee mug with a Christmas theme with the John Deere Reindeer with x-mas lights for noses...

    THATS ALL I GOT! Sorry lol

    The only other bit of information i have is that the only other one i have ever seen belonged to the owner of a John Deere Shop in East Aurora, NY that has since closed down...

    Maybe i'll get lucky, thanks guys!


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    The best advice I can give you is to watch booth vendors at tractor shows and keep tabs on eBay. Garage sales are a complete shot in the dark but the estate sale of a tractor collector may turn something up. Sorry we haven't been of more help but you are right, finding a specific mug is a long shot.
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