So the tractor was given to me outright by my wife's nice enough but mechanically inept grandfather (I don't think he's ever done an oil change), about 3 years ago. My dad spent a few weeks getting in running order and now it's a reliable old machine. It never had any symptoms of starving for fuel but with 525 hours and assuradely the original fuel filter, I changed it today. Build date is 1980.

I have to say, the petcock didnt leak a drop, and the o ring on the sediment bowl is like new!

Here's what it looked like...

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And with the new filter, $9 of the highest Chinese made quality!

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ID:	429442 maybe you guys that start to panic when your fuel filters are a year old can rest easy that your machine will not blow up and die, even if you "let it go" for a few decades.