Rhino lining ??
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Thread: Rhino lining ??

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    Rhino lining ??

    Thinking about having Rhino lining spayed to the underside of my deck wondered if any one has done this and how did it hold up ?? I have had powered coat done once and it was good for about 2-3 yrs. looking for a better option...
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    I had Rhino Liner put on my Kawasaki Mule. I have a 4 passenger and had the rear bed area done about 8 years ago and it held up well. CT has use EzSlide on his and recoats it yearly and it looks new. He had it for sale look at it.
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    How thick is it? You might lose some of your height for grass lift. Could effect the cut quality if too thick. Just thinking out loud.
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    Define under the deck.

    If under a mower deck, I wouldn't do it. Too much texture for clippings to catch too and it will be way too hard to clean the underside of the deck. Not to mention losing volume in the deck. There is a reason the deeper High Capacity and 7 Iron Decks are better than the standard ones.

    If under the deck you mean the foot rests. It should be fine but powder coat should last longer than a couple years. I recently pulled mine, sand blasted it, repainted it and reapplied the stickers.

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    I have line x in the gator bed. Some people have put it under the deck and had them leave the grit out. For the most part I could see it working but I could also see it chipping and peeling and after a few years not doing much good. I think the painted on solution would be much better to fix rock chips and such. The Line-X and Rhino liners are only about a 16th of an inch thick so they would not cause a problem for Height.
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