Is "NLA" the growing thing at Deere?
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Thread: Is "NLA" the growing thing at Deere?

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    Is "NLA" the growing thing at Deere?

    Don't know if this is in the proper forum, but I will take a chance. More & more I'm running into situations regarding critical parts that are "NLA-no longer available" or marked as obsolete. Maybe it's just been my bad luck lately, but I'm running into this more often than not. It would appear that Deer is dramatically reducing its parts availability on older machines.

    But what really nags at me is that when a critical part goes obsolete or NLA- it can be an almost impossible task to try to have a machine shop duplicate a "one of a kind" part for the equipment owner's use. This really is starting to stink. And in my case, the Deere dealership I used recently fired a mechanic who was working on my equipment. Now they discovered that a "bushing" is missing preventing them from completing the repair & they can't find what happened to the bushing. The part is NLA so my dealer puts out a call for the part & they find a dealer who has three of them on the shelf but refuses to send one to my dealer. So now there is a war going on to get the part. Meantime who gets screwed- me, the customer. The part is THIRTY years old. For crying out loud you jerk of a dealer. If you have three of the things sitting on your shelf & it's a NLA thirty year old part, how long do you think it's going to take to sell out all your sock of three at your shop? What morons these dealerships have working for them. And the fact that I can't have a shop make the part because Deere will not fill in the measurements & material needed so I can get the part made for my machine stinks on their part as well.

    I don't think manufacturers have an obligation to keep a part on the shelf forever. But there are exceptions to every rule. My stupid dealer fires an incompetent mechanic, who rips through my equipment & can't put it back together. On top of that he loses a critical part. And then I'm told NLA but we have three of them in Ohio at another dealer but he refuses to send us one.

    All these companies STINK. If the moron who has the part won't sell it, I don't know what Deere can do if anything. But on Deere's part, at least give me the info so I can get the part made. We are talking about a bushing which if available would be no more than a $ 5 part. Simply in the interest of customer relations & good will, you would think these morons would come to a meeting of the minds & get it done for the customer. No wonder nothing here ever works.

    I think my next equipment purchase will be for a Belarus Tractor. FYI-There made in Russia- one dealer near here has them. I'm sure that between Trump & Putin & the Russian connection, I will be able to get any part I need for a Bottle of Vodka & the name of a dead voter.
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    I've found that quite a few NLA parts sometimes have been updated with a new feature and part number.
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    Have you tried directly contacting the dealer who has the bushing yourself, as a consumer to purchase the bushing direct? I can't imagine why they would refuse to sell it to you. Perhaps they have some ongoing issue with your dealer, it happens. But if you call them and simply inquire about the availability of the part number, DON'T MENTION YOUR DEALER or the fact you KNOW they have this item in stock, it's illogical that they wouldn't sell it to you.

    I would act like "Great, I have called dozens of dealers and I am so glad to find a dealer who has what I need." No need to talk about the entire back story that leads you to need it. It adds nothing but possibly being an impediment to you getting what you need.

    You can work out the financial aspects of your arrangement with the dealer working on your tractor once you have the part in your hand.

    I have run into a couple of NLA issues which Deere was sourcing elsewhere and came back with the part, from a new supplier under a new part number. The front steering cylinder on the 425, 445, 455 was just one where I ran into this and it took me 9 months to get a new steering cylinder, but I did end up getting it...........

    Also, there is a company in the Miami area which buys out dealership inventories and has access to a lot of New Old Stock parts for older machines. This companies inventory doesn't show up on the regular dealer part inquiries but I believe it does show up when the dealer does a "Machine Down" search for parts. I can't recall the name of the company, but I also know they sell parts on Ebay for large equipment like Cat, Deere, etc. Search John Deere parts on Ebay and you will locate the company if you include in your search industrial machinery parts in the category or description.

    Try running the Deere part number itself as a google search, nothing more. I have found parts which weren't in stock that way as well when it links to the companies website, often not Deere dealers. Deere seems to use a part numbering system with alpha numeric combinations which when I google search the part number, it almost always identifies the part number correctly and often will lead you to it. Its worth the little time it takes to do it.

    If you have the John Deere part number and description, post it here so some of us can help you look...............Its worth a shot......
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    Id say its far from a growing thing, considering they still have quite a few parts for the old 140 garden tractors that are over 40 years old, but if the company that originally made the part went out of business, which happens sometimes, they cant keep the parts forever. Onan parts were hard to get for a while. Thirty years is a long time for parts to be available, and while wed all like for them to be available forever, thats just not feasible for most companies. Also, if its not a big seller, because its not known to fail or need replacement, that also affects the length of availability.
    If you know who made the original assembly for the part you need, that might help in locating one too. There is also ebay.
    Heck, if you tell us what it is, maybe someone here can help.

    In your case, if they lost the part, its on them to either have one made, by taking measurements of the parts, since they have it apart, or drive their rear ends over there and pick it up in person.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Maddog View Post
    I think my next equipment purchase will be for a Belarus Tractor.
    I think that would be a good choice. Certainly you'll never have a dealer or parts issue at all in the future.

    Deere has the absolute best parts support of ANY manufacturer on earth. Nobody else can come close to their parts system. I'm still able to get stock parts for my '54 60. Now sometimes they don't have everything for a 64 year old tractor and I wouldn't expect them to. Consider yourself lucky to get 10 year support from a modern manufacturer.
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    It should be easy enough to make a bushing without having a sample part.
    By measuring the bore it fits into and the shaft that goes into it you can figure O.D. and I.D.
    Length and shoulders etc are also easy enough to figure out.

    Having a machine shop make one from scratch will cost alot more than $5.

    I can see how the shop is at a stand still. A really decent shop knows how to make or get parts that the mfg doesn't sell. Not all shops are like this. Some just replace parts, no part, no replace. Thats where your at.

    I guess if it were me I'd go talk to the dealer calmly and see how a solution can be found. Even If I had to get someone to make a bushing and then give it to the shop to put in your tractor.
    In the end you want your tractor back. Stomping your feet and getting mad will solve nothing.
    Time be part of the solution.
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